Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hoots & Hollas.....

Image by White Loft Studio

just sometimes..
when the stars are correctly aligned...
the "Geeky Artist" becomes besties(yes I actually just wrote that) with the "Cool Girl".

Luckily for this "Geeky Artist"..
I just so happen to know a "Cool Girl"
and the Lovely Miss Sarah Crawford of Lil Hoot is perfectly just that..
I mean it...the girl is "Cool".
Really really Cool!
She wears Cool clothes
She has a Cool handsome husband
She has a pair of super deliciously Cool twin girls
She has Cool dogs (although one is very very very naughty)
She lives in a Cool house
She has THE Coolest sense of style
and she has the Coolest of Friends!!

Over the years, my secret plan has been to try to stand as close to her as possible so that some of her glittery coolness may just float my way..
Strange yes..
but it's worth a shot.. 

So of course when she mentioned that her cousin Ashly was getting married and if I could create all her paper loveliness..
I jumped, cantored and stampeded at the chance...

Being the "Cool Girl" that she is...
only SHE could make a mermaid bridal shower look 
fantastically, outrageously GORGEOUS!

It is a true testament to the AMAZINGNESS that is Sarah Crawford that ALL the wedding vendors for Ashly & Scott's wedding
jumped on board to help this FABULOUS shower come to fruition!!

And let me tell you...
this is one group of talented women that I feel extremely lucky to be a part of their posse!!

 So it all began with a lovely mermaid...

That sat on the sea wall of her mother's HOME...

Which MAGICALLY turned into a illustration...

that became an INVITATION Suite...

 which brought the most STUNNING of brides...

 and the MOST important of friends, family and sparkly princesses... 

 to a glittery confection of a PARTY!

 Where one could SIP champagne...

smell the GORGEOUS flowers...

 nibble on some DECADENT desserts..

take HOME a mermaid...
and cast a LOVE spell.....

I told you she was "Cool"!!

only Mrs. Cool would get this fabulous soiree posted not on just one blog but two...
Check it out friends..

To my dearest friend...
YOU truly have the Midas touch as everything you do...
turns to gold!!


event styling: lil hoot
photography: white loft studio
invitation/paper goods/styling: chocolate creative design
flowers: petal floral design
macaroons: c.crowell confections
cookies: sugar on top
holla sign: oh dier
mermaids sign:  by the seashore decor
linens: la tavola
fondant peony: sugar and stripes co.

All images by White Loft Studio & Illustration by Chocolate Creative Design


  1. Amazing. You amaze me Lucinda Wesson.

    1. Coming from you Amy Graver...BIGGEST compliment EVER!!

  2. Lovely, every detail, especially the dessert table....great glassware serving pieces!!!!

  3. no words, my dear. LOVE. YOU, non-geeky, you!

  4. such a sweet post...and I think that miss sarah is pretty cool too ;)

    1. Miss Heidi....Those pictures are AMAZING!!!! You Rock!!