Thursday, August 9, 2012

Westward Ho...

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

A few weeks ago, the Smith & Wesson clans went on the adventure of a lifetime..
We touched down on a mere 7 states in only 9 days!!
Watching a ginormous herd of Buffalo cross the wide open plains of Yellowstone, through a river and walk right in front of us HAD to be the highlight of the trip!!
A HUGE thanks to my parents for gifting our family this glorious adventure!!

But there was definitely one highlight on this trip that truly only a mother's heart could understand.

It happened on the first leg at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. We had just entered our first gift shop (there were about 5,000 after that) and the Monster was determined to find some sort of souvenir...
It was a hot mess of rocks, snow globes, books....blah blah blah..
I am sure that you have encountered it all before.
The Tall One and the Monster were at a stand still..
arguing and fighting over items made in Japan.
I realized it was a perfect time to escape..
and I did..
(by the way, the Tall One does this to me ALL the time..
so I only thought it fair)
Back on the bus(that's a whole other story), safe and sound I tried to find a few bars on my phone to check into civilization..
No dice..
Finally..Last but not least, my two boys arrived on the bus and slowly made their way back to me.
Casually and quite blase...
The Monster dropped something in my lap..
no words...
just the subtle drop..
which wasn't so subtle as everyone and their mother turned around.
I looked in my lap
and there she was...
black cord, purple, white, silver and sparkly.
There were some ooohs and ahhhs as everyone realized that
the ONLY thing he purchased in the shop was for me.
The Tall One winked and whispered..
"I told him it wasn't your style"
So I did what every good Mother does..I put it on and wore it for the entire heart singing silently inside..

Soo..what does a girl do after she has spent time in the wilderness without internet..
She immediately logs onto Anthropologie and goes virtual shopping..
What surprised me was that this trip had REALLY gotten into my soul
and as I uploaded my images from the trip..
they began to tell a story...
Lavender Oxide Pendant and Yellowstone
Vespero Necklace and Yellowstone
Crowned Stag Earrings and Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Seven Stones Necklace and Yellowstone
Balance Necklace and Wyoming
Sarsen Necklace and Views of South Dakota,Montana and Wyoming
 Polygon Necklace and The Nature Gates at The Crazy Horse Memorial
Fanned Alloy Necklace and Yellowstone

Electolier Necklace and Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Metropolis Bib Necklace and Waterfalls In Wyoming..
Melodist Hoops and Dreamcatchers

Last but not coveted necklace from the Monster...
 How did he know that The Tetons which we saw on our last days of the trip would have so much in common with my precious jewel?

All images by Anthropologie & Chocolate Creative Design


  1. Wow. What a stunning post. I kept thinking that you could only have one example where the jewelry matched up to your breathtaking images - but it went on, and on, and on. I hope Anthro sees this post because it would make an amazing catalog - these pairings are unreal. Thank you for sharing! I feel re-inspired to look around me ...

  2. Oh my goodness. Love your story and the images that you've paired together are just...stunning. Beautiful job my friend!

  3. What a perfect trip, and a beautiful boy.

  4. Ditto all of the above ♥♥♥