Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

What a wonderfully fulfilling week it has been!!

The Monster started school mid-week...
Brand new teacher, cool new friends and FINALLY the BMOC!
( a was hard and I still haven't gotten it through my thick skull that this is his LAST and FINAL year of 
Elementary School..
Honestly..where did the time go?)

This is THE absolute best time of year here in MY neck of the woods..
Tourists have gone home
Beaches are empty
The weather is to DIE for
No sports practices
the best yet..
NO homework...

WE are taking full advantage and continuing our Summer in full Wesson fashion!!
Late afternoon beach trips, homemade ice cream and lobster rolls...

As If it couldn't get ANY better..
This weekend, we will be in full swing at the Island
for our Labor Day festivities!
(just a mere 150 cousins)

Kick the Can, Hail Over, Pass the Shoe, Sardines, and Baseball are high on the list...

the infamous Island 
French 75
(only 2 allowed as they will knock your socks off!!)
followed by
Smores, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers...
Seaweed Corn...

and last but not least..
chocolate cake...

Be Safe, No Laboring and Have a Great Weekend!!!!

all images by chocolate creative design


  1. I'm so jealous! I love all your plans. I may need to row a boat out to the island and crash. With a 150 cousins, I'd blend right in! Have fun, Lu!

  2. I'm so envious–it sounds like you're in heaven! Enjoy the long weekend!