Thursday, August 16, 2012

And one to grow on....

 Image via Lawrence Schiller

When one hits a certain age..
birthdays take on a whole new meaning..
No more pin the tail on the donkey, goodie bags, party hats
and the occasional pony..

For me...
 the best kind of birthday has these key ingredients...
Wearing a fabulously sparkly necklace and some orange toes...
 Getting a surprise visit from a dear dear friend
(especially if they battled an overrun cesspool and took 3 ferries to get to you)
(LOVE you Egg!)
 Having the Tall-One boil up some delicious lobsters...
 Creating a feast for the senses all by candlelight while sipping Proseco out of delicate Anthropologie glasses
Hoards of chocolate cake all the while being sing-sung by the Monster & 3 Cousins via phone!
a new sparkly clutch
about a zillion of the most wonderful birthday wishes via Facebook, Text and Email!

I am certainly one LUCKY lady!!

all images via chocolate creative design


  1. You deserve it Lu! All of it and more. xo

  2. that necklace is beautiful and i love that nail polish color you selected!! have a great birthday

  3. Happy, happy, happiest birthday–it looks like such a perfect celebration!

  4. So nice birthday lady! It was a fabulous celebration. I'll come back soon. xoxo