Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dueling Designers...Part Sept...

Image 1 by Sweet Paul, Manipulated by Chocolate Creative Design

The days are getting longer but the nights are getting colder. Snow has been falling at an insane rate causing even the South to be covered in a blanket of white. We feel like we have been held prisoners in our own homes...So why not celebrate, invite some friends over and bring out one of my favorite treats...
Hot Chocolate!

The Dueling Designers are back and I couldn't help choosing a color that was near and dear to my heart...
Pantone 732C.

The fabulous Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design definitely outdid herself this fact..I will admit..she rocked it!!!

I LOVE the idea of a Hot Chocolate party! The ideas are endless...Starting with a full fledged bar with some yummy liquors to add into this decadent drink.
Why not create a display with apothecary jars filled to the brim with homemade flavored marshmallows, glass bowls topped with the richest whipped creams and mason jars stuffed with peppermint sticks and chocolate flavored spoons.

My choice of Hot Chocolate??? Well look no further friends as I just so happen to know the maker of one of the best! 

This past August on the True and Wesson blog, I did a little post on my dear friend and college roommate's business, The Charleston Crepe Company. Since that time Rachel Byrne's crepe cakes have been in every bridal magazine out there!!
Luckily for us, her company, Holy City Chocolate , creates the most decadent Hot Chocolate EVER! The's filled with chunks of chocolate...

So don't let the snow get you down...order up some Hot Chocolate, whip up some whip cream and invite some friends over to watch as the snow falls and your guests don their best woolly socks!!

elements design

chocolate creative design
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3. Marshmallow Image found via weheartit 4. Socks Image found via Lark and Linen
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7. Candle found via Anthropologie 8. Cocoa Image found via my tartelette
9. Spoon Image found via she who eats 10. Cocoa Image found via marie claire
11. Cocoa with Candy Cane Image found via weheartit
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  1. I know that fur image was just for me.....

  2. Oh, I'm in love! And your friend's crepe cakes are to die for-I have a friend who's having a brunch wedding, and sent her the link immediately!

  3. Heidi-You know it was for you!!! Miss Petite Coquin-Your friend won't be disappointed..I know you just made Rachel's day!!! I am going to order the chocolate one for our 10 year wedding anniversary this July!!

  4. I'm going to have to order her hot chocolate immediately! Love your board, Ms. Wesson! And I'm looking forward to our next duel ....

  5. oh my chocolate loving heart be still... that sweater candle might just be my favorite thing i've seen in a LONG time!!!

  6. Miss's so sad that's its gone.....