Friday, January 7, 2011

Let your imagination grow..Snow..Pillows...Blankets..

Image by Tim Macpherson

Once again they are predicting snow in New England. Plows are anxiously awaiting the first flake, while homeowners pull out their shovels in angst.
For some, snow isn't even an option...sooo..why not use your's amazing what can happen.. 
I LOVE this image by Tim resonates in me so many wonderful memories as a child. My parents had the perfect spiral staircase which was covered in plush carpeting. As much as wall to wall carpeting creeps me out now, as a's a dream come true. Blankets, sleeping bags, giant bean bags, boxes and pillows would whoosh my brother and I down our own indoor luge. Years before helmets, we strangely never cracked a skull. The only damage..laughing till our bellys ached.

So who needs snow...just open your mind and let your imagination grow...

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