Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Re-use, Re-cycle and Re-design your Holiday...

I did promise this post yesterday but with the arrival of a rather obnoxious Ice Storm as well as an impromptu school day, my brain was a little less than perfect to write.

As I said earlier, I know, I know the Holiday season is done finished, wrapped up and gone....However,in the Wesson Household, we got a little late start so therefore we will continue to celebrate the Holidays even as Valentines Day swiftly approaches. 

This year, I honestly couldn't justify spending any more money on new Holiday decor...sooo the Monster and I set to work using our imaginations and creating with our friends, glitter and glue.

Earlier in the season, I had written a post on creative wreaths...this is all we needed to start on our creative adventure...

We brought out all of our "old" decor and revamped it by only using glitter, glue, pages from a book about Italy (our favorite place in the world), twine and a huge bag of cotton balls...

Our first project was our kitchen mantle...A mixture of book pages, glittered pine cones, ostrich feathers, branches that glow combined with handmade paper flower garlands simply just did the trick!

I found this fabulous DIY paper rose tutorial on Under the Table and Dreaming
and it really was as easy as pie!!

All we did was glue the cotton balls and paper roses (with glitter of course) to the twine and voila!!

The Banister

Next we moved onto the Banister. This year we used a little burlap (from a very Sparkly friend) and added a few cookie cutters from our ginormous collection which mixed in perfectly with our well loved silver bells.

Sparkly Chain Gang...

It was time to roll up our sleeves and get really messy...please..I have a little boy..It's not exciting unless there is a mess!

Anyhoo..Because of our new found family member, Mr. Calvin the kitten, most of this nonbreakable decor was designed in preparation of his crazy high jinx.

So again with the glitter, glue and wonderful pages from a book on Italy we rallied forward to make a chain for the tree...

It's hard to see in the pictures but let me tell you...after the Monster single handedly decorated the tree and we turned on the lights....
Shazam!! It was gorgeous!!

The Valuables

I came from a family that believed christmas tree ornaments were sacred. Each one had a story and was either handmade, passed down or bought on one of our many travels. Much like Desi Arnaz, my father would bring down the box of ornaments..each year it got heavier and heavier as his Lucy would collect her rocks year after year (for you youngins...this is from their movie the Long Long Trailer) I now have a few of these in my possession  and guard them with my life This year, however, the kitten would not win. 
So the monster and I got a little creative...

Kids and their magical minds

I think my favorite part of the Holidays is decorating the house. The lights, the ornaments, the smell of a fresh cut tree brings it all together...But what I love most of all is allowing the Monster to use his own creativity. I have learned to step back and just watch as the magic happens...

All I had to do was give him a classic 80's plastic frame filled with fake snow and he was off...

A Tree made from Cupcakes

When the Monster turned two, the Hubbie and I created a chalk/magnetic board so that he could plainly just draw on the wall. It was easy, simple and continues to enthrall anyone who comes through the door.
This year...we decided to be a bit festive..

To create our "Cupcake Tree" all we did was use foil cupcake liners (found at the back of the drawer), cut a few of our magnets up and hot glued them on the back.

It really was that easy...

So this December, I promise (pinky swear promise) that I will post all of our crazy yet frugal ideas for Holiday decor!!

All images by Chocolate Creative Design


  1. First, I'm completely in love. Your house is stunning, and the winter decor is PERFECT.

    Second, is it odd that you call your 2 year old "Monster" and that what's I call my sweetheart John? Perhaps, but I'm so glad someone else calls their loved one "Monster".

    Third, cannot get over that little bar nook. It's divine.

  2. You are so sweet Miss Petite Coquine!!! Many people have trouble with Monster but it's all out of love!! We live in a very very old home which hopefull i will be doing a little before and after in the following months...This old lady (the house) has been seriously neglected....
    Cheers to YOUR Monster!! Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful words!!

  3. i am in AWE. true, utter amazement. you have whipped up some magic yet again ms wesson - never fail to leave me inspired - this is truly fabulous!!!

  4. Ohhh Miss warm my heart!! Thought you might like your burlap loved and re-used!!!

  5. Are you KIDDING???? I'm so in love with the glitter chain gang.... I'm packing my suitcase right now and walking 5 houses down and moving in.

  6. You are so funny Heidi!!! This November we can put all the Monkeys to work!!!

  7. Just getting to this now! Love it....the sparkles, the mix of homemade and sleek, sentimental and new, the winter blues and organic burlap....on and on!! You are so good...!

  8. Just getting to this now too--Loooooooooove!