Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monkeys in the Tree...

The Monster age 1 1/2
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

I was blessed with a child that could scale counters before he could walk. In fact, at the ripe old age of one, we had to purchase one of those crib tents (that kept cats out) in order to keep him in. Sadly, it only lasted a few months as he quickly figured out how to unzip it.

When I recently found the Klatretre, it was like they had been reading my mind!
Created by a Scandinavian company, Kaja Osholm Kjolas, it allows children ages 3-10 to literally climb the walls. The branches come in various shapes and sizes so that each tree can be customized.

With all this snow, 90 minute delays and school closings this could actually help parents and kids with their mind, body and souls!!


  1. So clever! What a perfect way to keep kids occupied when the real trees are covered in snow!

  2. SIGN ME UP! Love it. And loved the branding post, just saw it, fantastic!