Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursdays are for Mood Boards...Peacocks and Ostriches...Oh My!!

It is love at first sight whenever I see a Rustic Chic wedding filled to the brim with burlap, twine and kraft paper. However, there is still a sparkly princess inside of me just wanting to get out now and again.

When one of my dearest friends, Miss Regina, got married this past fall, my dreams of glitter and gold came true. Held at the fabulous NYIT de Seversky Mansion in Long Island, NY, the room was filled with feathers and sparkle as far as the eye could see..

Not only was it the one of the most decadent weddings I have ever attended, it was certainly one of the most heart felt. Being one of seven, Miss Regina definitely owned the room with a backup of family members that would put the Jackson Family to shame. The hubbie and I were beyond touched and honored to be a part of their celebration. 

So in honor of my dear friend, it was time to dig out the vintage wears...

This is one of my all-time favorite vintage dresses that I own. It is a classic wiggle dress, form fitting and covered in glittery soutache flowers. The addition of the peacock blue peep-toes and the fabulous sparkly Anthropologie necklace allowed me to get into character!

I was so inspired that I HAD to create a mood board that combined both the wedding and the attire...

So here we go...a little peacock, a little ostrich and a whole lot of sparkle!

1.Peacock Wallpaper: 2.Feather clutch Image:This is Glamorous
3.Vintage Vogue Cover: 4.Boa & Brooch image: Anna Sawin Photography
5.Vintage Switch Plate Image: Bippity Boppity Boo 6.Beaded Bag: Anthropologie
7.Vanity Image: Pinterest 8.Prada Peacock Skirt: Pinterest
9. Cups & Saucer Image: Love My Dress 10. Chandelier Image: Dust Jacket Attic
11.Window Image: Vintage Rose Garden 12.Dress Image:Givenchy
13.Feathers Image:Bouffants and Barnacles 14. Vintage Feather Jacket: Pinterest
15. Lady with dog Image:Dirty Fabulous 16.Feather Clutch: Bag Whiz
17.Peacock Cake: Poppytalk 18.Mirror Image:Pinterest
19.Shoe image: Anna Sawin Photography 20.Hallway Image:Pinterest
21.Feather Bouquet & Boutonniere: Croska on Etsy
22.Jewelry Box Image:Flickr


  1. This made my day!!!

  2. Ohh Miss H!! You just made MY day!!!

  3. The only thing better would be seeing you in this outfit! And MY GOD those shoes, I so might need to borrow those someday. GORGEOUS!

  4. Ohh Miss Sawin you make me blush.....the shoes are waiting for you!!!