Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dueling Designers...Part Six...

Images: Chocolate Creative Design, Anna Sawin Photography

Here we go!!! It's time for yet another rendition of Dueling Designers!! 
The fabulously talented Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design has chosen the color.. Drumroll please...Pantone #290C. 

Her inspiration...The Elements Design Studio front door....Hmmm...How did she know that it was also the color of my door?? Strange...Anyhoo...You must go check out her blog as you will be seriously inspired by her ideas on how to create THE most amazing Skating Party.

Elements Design

Now you know that there is no way in heck that I couldn't possibly throw in a little laugh or two...My name is Lucinda Wesson and I was a skater..There I said it...From the time I could walk till about 11 years old, myself and Maggie Squyres woke up at the crack of dawn to shove our feet into very very small boots and skate for hours in a giant freezer. Ok..I had dreams of becoming a hockey player but back then girls "just didn't do that". I know that Maggie would agree with me.. our Moms were amazing..I can barely get my child to Little League practice...and skating is certainly not an inexpensive sport...So I dedicate this board to My Mom and Mrs. Squyres for being the most utterly supportive and fabulous Moms. I will always carry in my heart the memories of driving in the red cushy Lincoln with the BeeGees and Dolly Parton playing in the 8 track, my mom rubbing my feet in between skate changes (little did she know I had Raynauds) and watching them use humor in order to deal with the "Skating Moms" and their horrible offspring.

Chocolate Creative Design

1. Skating Skirt Image found via Alabama Whirly
2. The Silver Skates Book found via Finness on Etsy
3. Skate Pom Poms found via Destiny Phoebe on Etsy
4. Skating on a Full Moon by Imagine Studio on Etsy
5. Vintage Hoky Poster found via All Posters
6. Plaid Cashmere Scarf found via Country Store
7. Vintage Ice Capades Poster found via
8. Ice Skater image by Lara Rossignol on Piewacket
9. Snowflake Pops found via Party Wishes
10. Snowflakes image found via Pinterest


  1. I'll never tire of that picture in your skates Lu!!!

  2. I the side x side of our doors! Too funny. I seriously had no idea until you told me we had the same color door. This is the first time I've seen your door! And you have a picture of you in skates. In the summer. In a leotard. With wings. Priceless!!

  3. Fabulous post...really love that color! And I must say, Lucinda - you were an adorable little skater!

  4. Miss Heidi..Only for you..
    Amy...Only in Darien CT
    Abby....Thought I saw a hint of that color at your wedding!! Thank you..Too bad I stilll have the same shape...