Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous & Creative Wreaths!!

Today I had to take an "Elf" day (as Miss Amy Graver puts it). I have been so busy designing these Gift Guides that I haven't even decorated our home or shopped for Christmas presents. So the fabulous Heidi picked my up after the school bus left and off we went doing what she said "live in the present".
We had coffee and treats at Li's Bakery, made our way to the Mystic Art Center for some very cool handmade gifts and then off to our absolutely favorite store...Nest.  I can't thank her enough for this...Sometimes it's the littlest gifts that mean the most. 

So with that being said, it's time to decorate! I have waited 6 years to finally trim our tree with the "really good ornaments". However....with the addition of the impish Calvin my plan has been deflated..So, the Monster and I will be creating some very interesting and non-breakable ornaments, decor and garland for our tree and home this weekend. I promise to give you all a glimpse next week and one can probably predict that it will involve glitter and glue.

So to inspire me, I went searching for some very interesting and creative ideas to help us along...

What I found were some seriously out-of-the-box ideas for wreaths..

 Gingerbread Wreath

Have a fabulous Weekend!! 
On Saturday, I will posting be Gift Guide Day 10, 
so be sure to check it out for the Runner in your life!!


  1. What a great collection you've assembled! I think the marshmallows and cookie cutters are so unique and fun! But I think my favorite for an afternoon of do it yourselfing would be the yarn inexpensive and you can do it any color to work with your decor!

    Good luck with your holiday shopping!
    Hope Ava

  2. cant wait to try the rose wreath!