Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 3 Men by Margaret Farrell

It all started with a simple knock on the door at a small apartment complex in little ole Salem, Virginia. Little did I know at the time, how important this person would be in my life. From College came the trek to the Big Apple where we had the times of our lives. Sadly, time, a move, a husband, a baby and her in Law School kept us apart but it wasn't long before there was that simple knock at the door. Twenty-one years later, Miss Margaret Farrell (fondly known as Auntie Egg and actually has her OWN room in our house)is positively and absolutely one of my dearest and closest friends. During our time apart, she became a lawyer and quickly started working in the D.A.'s office in Suffolk County, NY. I couldn't be prouder of her. Seriously though, how lucky am I that I have a truly honest lawyer at my fingertips? She is always one to help out another in times of need and without even meeting and without question, has helped out some of my friends, including Miss True. She is one of the most exciting people I know. She reminds me of NYC, as you never know what type of adventure you might be in for..And Even though she's off saving the world and keeping our streets safe, she always has time to play, giggle and love the monster. She never ceases to amaze me and whatever she touches seems to turn to gold. She is my rock, my cheering section and creative consort. She even has bewitched the monster.

Right now, she has braved the elements and has finally decided to go off on her own by starting Farrell Law.

Being a woman in a man based field, I can attest that this woman knows men...
So without further interruptions..The Fabulous Margaret Farrell

"As Lucinda so aptly wrote ... Without change there would be no butterflies.  2010 has been a year of metamorphosis for this lady lawyer; I made the decision it was time to leave my nest in the District Attorney’s Office, spread my wings and fly into the wonderful world of private practice. My wings sparkle with glitter, and there are so many people who have been the glue to guide my path so I can follow the fireflies to places where my heart and mind flourish.

So, when asked to participate in this amazing Holiday Gift Guide, I fluttered with sheer joy.  What a cool way to say thank you to my family and friends who have been steadfast supporters while I follow my dreams.  Without saying, the ladies have been my inspiration..and the men in my life...well each one has been incredibly wonderful. I adore a gentleman and realize I am one lucky gal to have so many in my life who never cease to amaze me.  They give great advice, guide me down unknown paths illuminating the way for me so that I don’t get hurt, include me in golf outings, ask me to second chair serious civil trials, give me a wonderful home, make me feel a part of the gang and most of all they make me laugh."  
1.Custom Portrait by Keith Driscoll
3.Helly Hansen Rain Parka at Cabelas
4. Salmon at VitalChoice
5.Bordeaux Gift Set at Sokolin
6.WEstern Digital 2TB Hard Drive at PC Richard
7.Polaroid Instant Digital Camera at B&H
8.Johnnie Walker Sampler at Scotchlovers
10.Bolle Golf Sunglasses at Optics Planet
11.Leupold Digital Golf Laser at Optics Planet
12. Martin Driscoll Paintings

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