Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 3 The Boss by Amy Graver

I just spoke about one of my oldest and dearset you get to meet one of my newest...The Lovely and Talented Miss Amy Graver. Just so you know, I ALWAYS have to say her full name...Amy just doesn't feel long enough for this amazingly talented woman. Plus her name is so cool! I will tell you a little secret though...because I KNOW that you won't judge too harshly but we actually formed a friendship on good old Facebook..see it's definitely good for something! I mean I heard about Miss Amy Graver, how could you not, she owns and runs one of the most successful graphic design agencies in the state of Connecticut, but it would have taken years to finally meet face to face. So Facebook sped up the process and all it took was her asking me to go with her to the National Stationary Show in NYC. Please..I quickly jumped at the chance and so, a train ride later (added with her homemade cookies)..we instantly became fast friends...I can't tell you how nice and refreshing it is to be able to share creative thoughts and ideas with another business owner in the same industry and NOT feel competitive. Trust me..there is so much work to be done in our little state that there is enough for everyone. I absolutely love collaborating with her...she's just as insane and Type A as I. Simple projects like working on our little Dueling Designers Boards has allowed us to relax, be free and to just have fun! She reminds me of Willy Wonka...where dreams do come true, the possibilities are endless and there is no such thing as too crazy of an idea..

So onward and upward..
The Lovely and Talented Miss Amy Graver...
The Boss of Elements

"I’m a boss so hey, I get it. We’re right down there with your hairstylist on your holiday list. But when a card just won’t cut it (review time, vacation request, backed into their car in the company parking lot), here are some gift ideas that will raise your game to employee hero."
1.To Do Pads at Bob's Your Uncle
2.Veuve Cliquot at
6.Hooch Bag at HeroBag, Joy Bag at Bloom and Barnacle
7. Journals at The PaperWink
8.Amaryllis at BHG
9. Body Shop Aqua Mask and Vitamin E Eye Cream
10. Homemade Ideas at Martha Stewart and Country Living


  1. I'll take #1, #3, #11 please...

  2. So subtle! Ha ha...

    Can't wait to get shopping - or, ;-)