Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursdays are for Mood Boards...New Year's Eve 2011

Paris When it Twinkles by French Essence

Today is a momentous occasion as it will be my very first true blue Mood Board on Glitter, Glue and Fireflies. With that being said, I couldn't help but bring in the New Year with a very exciting, new and important color, Honeysuckle by Pantone. Pantone has chosen Honeysuckle as their color of the year for 2011. Now, one might look at this color and think Spring but not here at GGF. In honor of one of my favorite Sparkling Wines at Sparkling Pointe Vineyards, Topaz, I figured a New Year's Eve board was exactly what we needed! Pink, Black, White and Glittery Metallics are the perfect combo for a momentous occasion such as New Year's Eve. So dust off those Tuxes, pour that pink bubbly and strap on your glitteriest of shoes for a night to remember!

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2. Vintage Christmas Image found via peppermintbliss
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