Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 4 Hostess by Sarah Loomis Crawford

I would have to say that absolutely and positively the hardest gift to find is the Hostess Gift!! You hem and haw to find just the right gift that isn't too expensive, too less expensive as well as creative. Well, look no further my friends....the Hostess with the Mostess is back...the beautiful Miss Sarah Loomis Crawford. Not only is she the BEST gift giver, but I know that her friends and family can attest that she is the BEST party giver!! Every year, she and Mr. Crawford put on the most fabulous and creative Halloween Party EVER.  They pick a letter, (this year was S) and they force their guests to don costumes that begin with that particular letter. I, unfortunately haven't made it up to one yet, but telling from the pictures...a good time was certainly had by all! 
I told you...she is one to watch...

Once again..the beautiful Miss Sarah Loomis Crawford to our rescue!!
4. Pottery Barn Ornament  ON SALE!!


  1. amy sedaris book is a huge hit in this industry now too!! i was just at a get together with several wedding vendors this week and everyone was raving about it!

  2. i would love each and every one please!!

  3. I'll invite you all over if bring me one of the above ....!