Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 3 Fishing by Jono Wesson (The Hubbie)

Ok..I know it seems a little odd to have a Fishing Gift Guide but honestly and strangely enough it has become a large part of my life, as I have become......a Fishing Widow.  Living near and or on the water, it just simply cannot be avoided.  But I have to's better than being a Golf one! He creeps out in the dark early mornings or late late evenings and returns, climbing back into bed with the smell of saltwater in his hair.  He checks the tides and moon schedules religiously from the months of April till the end of October. He would never admit it but I think he has found his religion. I get it..what is better than being one with nature, by the ocean and alone with your thoughts?

One thing, that I have learned in life and marriage, is that you need to allow yours and your spouses passions to be free. It has taken him awhile to find this passion (or obsession) and dare I say can he really understand mine or me his??..But i'd much rather be with someone who can find their inner happiness than not at all. Selfishly, it gives me a little alone time while he and the monster search for the "Big One".  Together they share this passion...arranging and re-arranging their lures, picking up live eels and exploring the rocky shoreline.

Those who know him, must be flabbergasted that he put this guide together. But I know that it is his passion and it awakens something in him that gives him the courage to do anything in the world.

So if you just so happen to be at the Watch Hill Lighthouse or on Little Narragansett Bay during the wee hours of the morning and see a very tall (6'7") dark haired handsome man with a bucket of eels and a cold beer, just give a nod and a wave and you'll know that it's my fisherman.

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