Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 10 Running by Sarah True

There is certainly no need for an introduction for this lady...that is if you have been following the True and Wesson blog for the past 2 years. If not...the Fabulous Miss Sarah True has been conquering the State of Connecticut, putting the oohs and aahs back into wedding design.. What many of you may or may not know about Miss True, is that those fab gams of hers don't come easily....This is absolutely, positively, by no means, a beginning runner....If you just happen to follow her on Facebook, then you can watch as she completes her daily insane runs through ice, rain, snow, wind, humidity, heat and even dogs..
She has persevered through all these elements and in the process has run some truly amazing marathons like Philadelphia, OBX and Newport... 
What's next on her stop??...NYC!

Daily running for Miss True is like me without my daily cup of coffee...You just don't feel right without it. I may not understand it but I can certainly admire her commitment, her strength and her passion.

So...without further adieu. the Fabulous Miss Sarah True...
7.Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

*** Just a little Trivia...Miss True's logo & Website was one of Chocolate Creative Design's and True Event's first collaborations... 


  1. Good timing - I got back on the running band wagon as of this morning and was a wee bit chilly....thinking I might be utilizing this in the coming days!

  2. great ideas woman! I'm not into running in the freezing cold as much as you are, but I think my eyes could definitely still benefit from that cream - sounds heavenly.

  3. I love the tip about the socks. My feet are always freezing.