Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 4 Food by Anna Lathrop

I remember when I first started out designing and coordinating weddings....a mere 10 years ago...I know that people thought I was "green" or "too young"..( I have to laugh at that as I can't imagine ANYONE saying that I was too young now!!) Yet all it took was one chance meeting with a lovely young woman that changed everything for me. At the time, I was helping to coordinate events up at Stonington Vineyards and as I was doing my usual walk around, I noticed a young woman in the cook tent. She was speaking in a strong yet very warm and friendly voice, explaining to the staff that the event went perfectly, it was time to wrap things up and that she was heading home to her 1 month old baby..
1 month old baby?? Surely you must be joking?? Anyone with kids knows that being on your feet 8-10 hours after just having a baby is sheer murder!! But there she was...strong yet kind, determined yet thoughtful. That is when I realized that those people who decided we were "too young" or "too green" had no idea what they were talking about...oh yeah and the woman...she just happens to be Miss Anna Lathrop, the proud owner of Gourmet Galley Catering.

Years later and a little less "green", I have had the privilege of collaborating and working side by side with this fabulous lady. Her meetings all take place at a kitchen table which honestly explains everything. Home, Life and Family is important to her and she shares this with her clients. She is always one to jump at the chance to incorporate ANYTHING that has to do with the bride & groom. It can be as simple as re-inventing classic comfort foods or as complicated as getting Aunt Millie's Squash Soup perfect! She loves a good story and this reflects in her work. I deeply admire her patience, her sense of humor and her desire to put 100% into everything she does.

So friends take note..this lady knows what she's talking about..the Fabulous Miss Anna Lathrop!

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