Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Festival of Lights....

 Menorah Card by Rifle Paper Company

Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, also known as The Festival of Lights. Sadly, we don't celebrate Hanukkah in our home but we have many friends that do and honestly anything to do with candles makes me very very happy!! 

Therefore, I couldn't resist searching for some rather unique and strikingly beautiful Menorahs.
In future posts, you will probably see me mention Rifle Paper Company ,as she is my all time favorite illustrator and just by looking at her card above, you can certainly see why!!

So upward and onward...check out some fabulous creations I found...

Of course there's Martha..what doesn't she do??

Here are some rather unique finds and some more DIY!

Modern wood
Modern Menorah by Branch

Glass bottles and Jars
Glass Salt & Pepper shaker Menorah at Country Living

Glass Bottle Menorah at Ready Made

We certainly cannot forget the Fabulous Jonathan Adler!!!

So Happy Hanukkah everyone and let the Festival of Lights begin!!!

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  1. oh my gosh!!! how amazing are these!!! what great ideas!!!