Friday, December 3, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String........

Who doesn't love brown paper packages tied up with string? Just hearing Julie Andrews belting it out instantly gives me goosebumps. What I love most about the Holiday season (besides the glittery twinkle lights) is the fabulous gift guides!! Well look no further my friends because 2010 marks Chocolate Creative Design's first ever Holiday Gift Guide. This is no ordinary gift guide....We will bring you 12 days of the most fantastically amazing shopping ideas..The best part...get is brought to you by the most creative people I know...

A huge part of this blog will be dedicated to guest posts....and not just any guest posts. These are the real people that inspire me. Some, you have seen me collaborate creatively with over the years and I am truly the luckiest dog in the world. While others are my silent collaborators...They are the ones behind the scenes that don't always get the shout-outs. They keep me going, inspire me, lick a 1000 envelopes for me, watch over the monster, make me laugh, cheer me on and most importantly make me feel loved.

So get ready, make a cup of Hot Chocolate, slip into those slippers and let's go shopping!!


  1. Love the gift guide graphic! Can't wait to the 'un-wrapping' ...

  2. cannot wait for you to open up that pretty package for us!!! :)