Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 9 Boys by Lucinda Wesson & The Monster

You honestly didn't think that I could get away without doing ANY work?? Picking my category was a no brainer as I am outnumbered 4 to 1 in my house. Yup that's right..I live in a boys world. Ok I know..2 have tails but you would be surprised how that really doesn't matter. They all love to fling them themselves about, eat like there is no tomorrow. plan...well there never is one, it's all by the seat of their pants. But if they do plan it is certainly a harried process.."Mom..Mom..where are my markers..quick...quick...I need to make the map so the pirates can't find the treasure..HURRY!!"...They love ANYTHING that allows them to go fast and furious. Narry a day goes by without them somehow getting hurt.

Yet, I can tell you if you are a Mom to one, you are very very lucky because they love you truly, deeply, madly.

With that being said I teamed up with the Monster to give you all a complete shopping experience centered (of course) around Boys.

We did 3 boards and I couldn't help myself to start off with a NYC inspired one..It harkens back to my days living in the city. Although we couldn't make it in this time, next year the Monster and I will head in..Just the 2 of us....

So prop those feet up, get comfy, as you we are taking you on an find what makes the elusive boy happy...

NYC Adventure

All Boy

The Monster's Picks


  1. Very nice C!!!

  2. You've got our number, C, I just tripped on a few legos myself. NICE!