Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1 Sweets by Anna Sawin Photography

What can I say about Miss Anna Sawin.....She can capture the etherealness of a wedding, the soul of a child, fry it up in a pan and never forgets about her 3 men...Over the past 2 year,s I have absolutely and positively enjoyed our collaborations...It's a bit of a dance she and I..Sometimes a Waltz, sometimes the Fox Trot and sometimes even the Cha-Cha. But it is always a collaboration, a give and take, a shared creative experience.
She is the only one to have captured on film, the true essence of the monster. She is passionate about her work, her clients and is ALWAYS game for something new!!
She amazes me with her calmness, her willingness to be a team player and her strength in being the mother of 2 boys.
Without further adieu..the Sweet and Talented Miss Anna Sawin...
1. King Arthur
6. PB Boulangerie

Ok, I completely forgot one of her picks which is so amazingly good ( If only I lived in CA!!)
7. Chocolate Lover's Cooking Class at Coco-Luxe.

You might of missed the boat this year for a family picture for those Holiday Cards..but trust me I would run right over and sign up immediately with Miss Sawin for next year!! I have!!

By the way, disregard that logo of hers...There is a fabulous new one that is soon to be released!!

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