Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 6 Shoes by Heidi Heublein

I have openly admitted my obsession with shoes. To me, they are can never have enough and unless you are with child..they always fit! 

There is another lovely lady who also shares my deep affection for shoes and you might recognize her as one the Housewives of Stonington. You need to look past the gobs of bronzer and peach lipstick to understand the many layers of 
Miss Heidi Heublein!

One day, I plan to write a book about this amazing woman...her stories and her sense of humor can enthrall me for hours...often leaving my stomach muscles in pain for days..She is a true Renaissance woman and I honestly can't keep track of all the wonderful things that she has accomplished...She is a butcher, a baker a candlestick maker. Her sense of design and style is impeccable and her home is something that I have been strivng for, always welcoming, beautiful and's like the perfect pair of jeans. Most importantly...She is one of the most amazing Mom's I know! With a brood of four, her children are not only beautiful but wonderfully unique in their own personalities....

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Miss Heidi on designing a few weddings over the years..She is as crazy Type A as I, always gives 150% and is beyond passionate about design. Now if I could just get my butt in gear and finish the design, Miss Heidi has a new blog and Etsy store on it's way. This woman certainly never ever does anything halfway and I can tell that not only will it be hysterically funny but chock full of the most inspiring pieces and ideas you have ever seen. 

I am truly one of the luckiest people to have her in my life....her thoughtfulness, kindness, loyalty and love for the monster is what inspires me and gets me through the day!!

So get ready for some fabulous picks by the Amazing Heidi Heublein!
7. Hue Tights and Coach Aeyna (ON SALE 50% OFF!!)


  1. Lu you are so sweet... what a pleasure working on this post! Here's to many years of blogging, frogging and laughing together!!

  2. Ooh..Miss Heidi..Thank you Thank you!! Can I tell you my stomach muscles still hurt from this weekend?! With you..I never have to go to the gym!!