Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 7 Books, Music & Movies by Chad Freeman

I am a Magazinophile, I LOVE books (wish I had more time to read them), Movies are a treat for my crazy imagination and Music..well Music just soothes my soul..It is probably the only category that reaches the broad spectrum of gender and age. 

Speaking of which, I just so happen to know someone that has the ability to reach all genders and ages as well. I guess the best way to describe it is that it's just like out of a Disney movie....Animals flock to him, children pounce on him and adults tell him their darkest secrets...To witness it can be strange yet mesmerizing, overwhelming yet beautiful. Sometimes I forget that he is so much younger than I, then I quickly remember that he is an old soul..I can chat with him for hours, laugh till my stomach aches and then leave feeling energized. Miss Amy Graver just wrote a perfect post on her blog about listening...He is unmistakingly that person and I know he will do great things because of this. 
So who is this amazing person that I speak of...It's none other than Mr. Chad Freeman who just so happens to be my cousin...

Right now he is embarking on some rather huge and exciting projects...He has started his own personal blog,Ridoodlesmack! and is watching his graphic design company, Freeform Ventures soar. How cool and fitting is that one of his clients is the Monterey Children's Museum!!

I simply adore him and he is another one to watch as I predict great things from this man!!
So upward and onward....the amazing Mr. Chad Freeman!!
14.Hulu and Netflix
16. Kindle


  1. LOVE your description of Chad. He's exactly as you describe him. I too am obsessed with half of these things...great ideas!

  2. FAntastic ideas and fantastic Chad! LOVE today's guide!