Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 9 Teacher by Amy Graver

Just when you think you've gotten the house decorated, tree trimmed and packages wrapped, there seems to be that gift that gets left to the last minute..What's sad is that it is for a very very important person in yours and your child's life...The Teacher. The Lovely and Talented Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design has come up with some of the most superb gifts ever!! Even if you have already purchased a gift this year, these choices are still good for next year. 
My Favorite...anything group!!

PS...I think if you look very very carefully you might find Miss Graver hidden amongst the gifts...

"I think finding teachers gifts, hands down, the most challenging of them all. First, there is the price point. What to spend? Next, the last thing they need is yet another dust-collecting knick-knack for their desk or tree. And please, don’t get me started on the “teacher” themed items. How many professions do you know where you receive so many job-related novelties? Okay, nurses. But teachers run a close race. And as much as we all think Johnny is cute, I don’t think his teacher will be wearing a sweatshirt with his face plastered on the front to her yoga class. Ditto for the coffee mug. There must be something better which presents the right sentiment (they are educating your children, don’t forget), is useful and thoughtful, and fits in a modest price range. Here are a few of my suggestions ::"


  1. i'm really digging this graver chick- i just bought movie tix for c & p's teachers and the ups man and mailman!

  2. what a great gift guide! can you please keep doing this for the next 5-10 years please when i'll need it too! :)

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Happy I could help in some small way ... And I agree with Erin - Lu, keep the gift guide series going for next year and count me in!