Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby's First Ornament......Simplicity and Beauty...

Inspired by Miss Sarah Loomis Crawford's Baby Gift Guide and after my daily persuing of Etsy, I happened upon the most delightful gift.  Created by maternalNEST on Etsy, this Baby's First Ornament is the perfect mix of 
simplicity and beauty. Not only is it custom (allowing you to write the little peanut's name on front and date on back) but it's unbreakable! So let those little
fingers touch it and hang it on the tree themselves!!
Why have a first ornament when they can't help trim the tree??

The packaging is to die for and the best only takes 5 days for her to create and she sends it priority mail. So hop on the bus Gus as the last day to order for Christmas Delivery is December 18th!!


  1. Today is the last day to place your order! Follow the link to Carrie's Etsy shop and click on contact to send her a message with your ornament order ASAP! Thanks, Lucinda, for the post. I ordered one for each of my babies.

  2. Ohhh Thank you Miss Amy Graver!!!!! I can't wait to see!!!

  3. these are just TOO sweet! can i get one for my cats? (haha just kidding... kind of...)

  4. Actuallyl Miss Sparkle & Hay..I almost mentioned it could be for 4 legged babies.....