Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Day 8 Dogs by Margaret Farrell

In my last post, I spoke about a little impish kitten named Calvin. Well he is just the youngest of my 3 sons, and of course you know the monster but rarely do I speak about my first born. He is 80 lbs of muscle, brindle coated, part Pit with crazy yellow eyes and basically a big ball of love. Even though he is part Pit, I can honestly tell you that he is a lover not a fighter. The Hubbie and I brought him home almost 11 years ago after searching and searching through various shelters. To tell you the truth, he scared the @#%&^@ out of me with those lanky limbs, huge paws, classic Pit noggin, those crazy insane eyes and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But like all parents, you can't honestly fall in love with your child until you really get to know them...And let me tell you..I fell hard! I really can't imagine life without him..Who else greets you at the door (after you have left 5 minutes) and thinks that you are the best thing in the world! A few years ago I used this quote on our Holiday Card:

" I wish I could be the person my dog thinks that I am"

I have been watching my beautiful boy many white hairs that he now looks like a raccoon and that jumper...(interesting that all my boys are professionals at that) well his back legs don't work so well and the pouncing has been replaced with that not so discreet nose in the .....

One of his favorite things is when "Auntie Egg" comes for a visit. This way he can climb up on her huge comfy bed and get the attention he so deserves. The Lovely Miss Margaret Farrell understands this as she has 2 rescue pups at her home, Minnie and Max. They are a brother and sister duo of naughtiness, hilarity and deep love. 

Miss Margaret has found some fabulous finds for all you dog lovers..
as I am finding out that it's a dog's world..

A ruff-ruff, tail wag and woof for the Lovely Miss Margaret Farrell...

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