Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Chocolate with Sprinkles!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Calling for Rain Bag
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Hooray!! I'm so excited you made it!! 
If you're reading this now that means you took a chance and are a true blue adventurer!

When Miss True and I set out to create the True & Wesson blog, I decided that there was one thing that I would always stay true to....I would write from the heart and write like I speak...You certainly won't find perfect grammar here, there will be a lot of ...... and most importantly, a ginormous amount of exclamation points!! 
Mary Marantz put it so perfectly in their Spread the Love Tour
"How could one really live a life without exclamation points?!"

This blog will cover 2 very important things....
1. Finding beauty and design in every day life 
2. Getting to know Chocolate Creative Design.

I have always felt that the importance of a blog wasn't only to showcase a creative portfolio but who is the person that is actually creating it. I ask so much from clients...I have to..it's the only way I can create something truly custom for them.
How could I ever expect them to relinquish personal thoughts or feelings if I wasn't able to reciprocate? So, I might be asking all of you what you think...what you like, what you don't like...it's the only way to create a better blog!

So get ready for a new adventure....You will find some of the oldies like Typefaces, Mood boards and Philosophies but there will be plenty of new exciting things..The adventure has just begun!!

So hold onto your hat, grab those Chucks, tie those shoelaces and away we go!!