Friday, June 14, 2013

Now We Are 10.....

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Now we are 10...
You have hit double digits.. You are a decade...
Your bones are stretching and lengthening at an enormous rate..
You take up the entire couch but still find room to snuggle me in...
You had two of the most wonderful teachers this year who have stood up for you, had your back and cheered you all the way.
It is not Elementary my have graduated to the Middle...
MY foot fits into YOUR shoe...
You still have the MOST beautiful pitch in baseball but it is your swing that is a marvel to watch.

At too young of an age,
you have been learning one of life's hardest lessons..
Your best friend and brother
your second family who just so happens to be moving clear across the country by the end of this month.
You are handling it with grace, dignity, courage
and understanding that this is what life is about..
that they will forever be with you and have made YOU the beautiful person that you now are...
You. inspire. me.

You still hold my handwave to me from the bus (when no one else is looking), kiss me every morning and night and a few in between..

So I guess..
This is why 10
is certainly an age that I will want to do over and over again..

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet growing Monster..
You with the deep dark soulful eyes...
your ever growing mop top..
your mischievous smile...
YOU have made ME a better person..
You are my sun, moon and stars wrapped up into one package..
I love you little Monster..

Now let's get those sleeping bags unrolled..
we have a camping party on a magical island to attend to..
a night under the stars with your closest of pals...
and perhaps there will be a few gooey s'mores with your name on it..

Monday, June 3, 2013

a little glitter to start your week....

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As you can see, I don't have a brand spankin new Monday morning glittery piece to share with you...
I have to be honest..
I am feeling a little less glittery these days..
In fact, I'm not sure if I have any more glitter left in me..
You see...
Last Tuesday evening, I lost THE most glittery, sparkly and shiny soul that I have EVER known..
 and to make matters worse..
I have lost my voice..
My writing one to be exact...
So bear with me as I am silent..
I need my voice to heal..
I need my vocal chords to rest..
Drink some hot tea with lemon..
Take long hot baths..
I'm not sure when it will reappear..
It could be days..
It could be weeks...
But I know it will come back...
I just need a vacation for my heart and soul...

And when it does come back..
I will have a more fitting post honoring my best friend, my confidant, my protector, my son...
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