Thursday, May 31, 2012

Up at the Farm....

Image by Heather Bullard

This morning, a couple chicks and I, Miss Jessie from Gourmet Galley and the fabulous Heidi H, got to head "up to the farm" on the most glorious of glorious spring days... heard me right..."up to the farm" as the farm, 
Tyrone Farm, is "up" in Pomfret, Connecticut.

We were "up" doing a little site visit for our farm couple, Eleanor & Matt, whose wedding day is rapidly approaching...

So I have a little farm on the brain these days and found a few items to bring farm to the table...
(I think Miss Eleanor needs to add these lovelies to her registry)
1. Cow Chalkboard Place Card Holders at Williams-Sonoma
2. Milk Bottle Measuring Cups at Anthropologie
3. Farmhouse Platter at Terrain
4. Cow Bell at Terrain
5. Piglet Cutting Board at Terrain
6. Rooster series sauce Dishes at Lille Shop
7. Farm Anatomy Book at Terrain
8. Gate Sign at Terrain
9. Berry Boxes at Blank

Speaking of Farms.....
My favorite of all farms, Terra Firma, just made it into the 
New York Times....
It couldn't be more deserving to the most amazing couple I know,
Bri & Ethan!

Miss Bri has been very very busy with her soap company,Faire Ivy and let me tell you...
 they are FABULOUS!
She just handed me a giant bag full of at least 12 different types of soaps...
which really comes in handy while scrubbing the Monster clean after a long day at the farm!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Typeface...Fridge...

 These are not definitely NOT the plastic refrigerator magnets 
we grew up with...
 Stainless Steel Magnets at Pottery Barn

Monday, May 28, 2012

a little glitter to start the week....

I recently just found a rather LARGE Rainbow Scarab Beetle cruising across my patio...

Fortunately these Gilded Insect Cards by Catherine Greenup at Anthropologie give me a little less of the heebie-jeebies..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

 Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

My lovely fuchsia and soft pink ladies have arrived.....
A mere two weeks early yet they have shown their beautiful 
faces in glorious abundance in my garden..
Which can only mean..
I have a house filled with gorgeous peonies!!
What more could a girl ask for?

This weekend marks the first wedding of the season at Island Farm.
I will be assisting the lovely and talented Miss Adrienne O'Connor of Ruffles & Tweed to bring Jeff & Leah's dream to life!

But whenever my pink & fushia ladies show their lovely faces..
I can't help but recall one of my MOST favorite weddings that I have had the pleasure to design and coordinate...

The loveliest of lovelies..
Miss Sarah & Mr. Christopher Crawford..
 (see how many peonies you can count)

It was "The BEST DAY EVAH!!"
(as quoted per Ms.C)

If you can believe it..this wedding was in 2005...
She was one of the first ladies to mix peonies & milk glass...
She is and will always be a creative ahead of her time...

Stay Safe, Pick a Peony and Have a Great Holiday Weekend!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Typeface...Chirp Chirp...

Bird House alphabet created by Nishanti Jethi

Now if they just got rid of that would be perfect!

Monday, May 21, 2012

a little glitter to start the week.......

 These would be PERFECT for a little mermaid I know....

 Sageres Sequin Clutch at French Connection

Shell Clutch at Banana Republic

Pearl Clutch at Lori's Shoes

Renee beaded clutch at Banana Republic

Brilliant Haze clutch at Anthropologie

Seafloor Clutch at Anthropologie

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vegemite and other such small things...

Image found via Flickr

There is a lot to be said about small things..
Good things come in small packages...
Small things become great when done with love...
Be careful with the small things because it is from them that the big things in your life will grow...

I have to say I agree..

When the Marantz's asked if I would create some small tags for their attendee gifts on their Walk Through a Wedding tour,
I was deeply honored..

When I found out that part of their tour would take them all the way to Australia..
My heart sang...
I have never been "down under" but I have been watching those fabulous Aussies take the design world by storm.

Who knew...that something so small...
like a tag made from my own hands..
would make it to another continent. 
Image by Justin & Mary Marantz

So... thank you thank you Justin & Mary..
bringing a little piece of Chocolate clear across the globe..
for granting me such an opportunity
for reminding me to be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Typeface...

We LOVE oreos in the Wesson you??
Oreo Alphabet created by Amelie Au

Monday, May 14, 2012

a little glitter to start the week...

Just a little glitter from THE most AMAZINGLY creative couple I know..
Something's Hiding in Here on Etsy..

Word on the street is that this duo is adding paper to their list..
Hooray Hooray!!
Have fun at guys are gonna rock it!!

Honestly...what don't they do??

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chocolate Therapy #79

Image found via flickr

Couldn't help it...
I just saw "We Bought a Zoo"...
Cried like a baby...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Typeface.....A to Z sipping...

 LOVING these A to Z paper cups!
It's almost picnic time!!
Available at hunkydoryhome