Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

We are all waiting...waiting..waiting waiting.
Will she be lovely, gentle and sweet? Or will she be harsh,unforgiving and destructive?

Many in Stonington haven't ever forgotten the hurricane of 1938..
Why would they..
it changed the landscape forever.

Just looking across the water from the Island, one can see the beautiful stretches of beaches named Napatree and Sandy Point.
Pre 1938, it was just one strip of beach with several homes dappled along the water's edge.
Watch Hill, R.I. before the 1938 hurricane
Napatree Before

But then she came...
Napatree after

Leaving destruction in her wake...

I myself, haven't gotten in the swing of the hurricane frenzy..
Maybe it's because I am still swooning after "Walking through a Wedding" yesterday with the amazing Marantz's and the the loveliest of lovelies, Miss Julia Gargano.
Stay Safe, Get out those Rain Boots and Have a Great Weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look Ma ..No Hands!

As a birthday gift, the Tall one had my "very vintage" Specialized RockHopper tuned up and cobwebs brushed off. Now as deeply grateful as I am, I dare say when I saw this little beauty by Missoni for Target, my heart went pitter-pat. I'm picturing a fab little dress, cute flats and some fresh bread, cheese and wine in the basket.Takes me back to my late summer days in Italy...
A girl can dream can't she?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Monday, August 22, 2011

a little glitter to start the week....

Sometimes in life, it's the little things that matter most...
Just last week, at a little birthday celebration located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, two of the loveliest of young ladies gave me a perfect little gift.
For some it may look like an ordinary iphone case, but for me...
it was pure magic..
It was thoughtful, turquoise, glittery and exactly what I needed for my brand spankin new phone...
Doesn't that make for the PERFECT gift?
The waking me up with a song and dance number and a freshly cooked strip of bacon didn't hurt either...
Thank you Miss O and Miss G..
I will always always cherish it!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Whew....what a fantastically fabulous,chock full of surprises yet relaxing week it has been...
I have been playing hookey for awhile and you know what...
It feels great!!
But I am rested and ready to don my cape for a very very very busy week ahead..
Nevertheless, I can still dream about the most memorable of memorable weeks of the year...

 There was a little bit of this..
  Image found via Boston

A few tried that...
  Image found via 365 positive

 A couple miles of this..
  Image found via mackin ink

Eating and making some of that..
Image found via Margaret and Joy

 Picking a truck load of this..
  Image found via Santa Barbara Blueberries

Which turned into that..
  Image found via always with butter

Many many nights of this...
  Image found via country living

 and happily and joyfully ended in that...
 Image found via Pinterest

Stay Safe, Dream a Little Dream and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A brand spankin new Love......

 Image Via Sundance

I am in the midst of a love affair.....
You might have already suspected...
a few slight hints here and there...
But don't worry will always remain my first and one true love..
It wasn't an instant just slowly crept into my heart and soul. You are full of energy, life and dare I say..razz-ma-tazz!
You most definitely love to flirt with all the others and for some reason they seem to love you to pieces..

Gold seems to giggle when it's with you...
 Image found via cecilia's blog

Blue stops feeling so sad..
Image found via Zara

You make Pink's heart skip a beat...
Image found via my point of view

You are Oh so chic when you hang with Black...
 Image found via weheartit

Grey doesn't take itself too seriously when you are around..
Image found via decorista daydreams
Green..Green thibk your too cool for school...
 Image found via Banana Republic

Purple dances...
 Image found via coco & kelley

 Red becomes a tad humbler..
 Image found via sterling style

Brown purrs...
Image found via Pinterest

 Turquoise tastes just a bit sweeter...
Image found via daily dream decor

 and you even make yellow shine just a little bit brighter...
Image: Source unknown
Orange you just so beautiful....
Image found via Jill Thomas Photography

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Wouldn't this be absolutely, positively, wonderfully loverly?? 
Provided you are tied to a dock...
I am in search for a little bit(or a whole lot) of this during these last remaining summer days...

Stay Safe, Enjoy the Cicada's and have a Great Weekend!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

a little glitter to start the week......

How did they know?? They must be reading my mind!
Blue Steel Converse Chucks Taylors at Tillys

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

 Silk Screen by William Connell

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

What a wonderfully exciting week it has been!!

I just finished up a little ikat love wedding invitation set for the beautiful Amy & Tim..stay tuned next week for the unveil as today their guests will be getting a little surprise in their mailboxes!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week....perfect temp with a slight breeze..
Thank you Thank you August!!

Just when I thought we were done with firsts...
the Monster proved me wrong...
The week started out with a first sailing lesson and to our surprise...he was solo and sailing like an old pro...This made my mom in law's heart jump with glee as she has been waiting for this moment since he was born...I dare say, we made all the other club members jump too as there were loud hoots and whoohoo's from the shore...not necessarily club-like but that's how we Wessons role!
Then...came the first jump off the high dive followed by winning THE coveted twizzler in tennis class!
The best part....
I got to see it happen right before my own eyes!!

This Saturday, in the town of Stonington, 
is the 62nd annual Stonington Fair!!
Produced by the Stonington Community Center to help raise money for a bevy of amazing community programs,
it is a perfectly orchestrated small town fair filled with art, games and food!!

I can honestly say that it wouldn't be the Fair without William Connell's prints. You know summer has begun when he hand paints the billboard that leads into the town with the year's new design.
 Image by Elissa Bass

There isn't a home in Stonington that doesn't have at least 5 of them hanging on their walls. The Tall one has been collecting then since the very very beginning.
It's almost as prevalent as finding one of these in any WASP home
William Connell has been creating the Fair's silk screen prints by hand for the past 34 years.
It is a testament to his craft, the love for a town and it's people!

So we will be there with bells on..a poster in hand, ice cream on the face and hopefully a H.Gray Park painting in my pocket!!

Stay Safe, Seek and Enjoy the Small Things in Life and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let Your Imagination Grow...3 in the Family..part 2

Remember that absolutely adorable couple that literally allowed me to think "outside the box" for their save the dates?? Well...last week there was a lot of cutting, pasting, printing, stuffing and tying to get their invitations out the door and into their guests mailboxes lickity split!

Sooo..We began with three different prints for their envelope liners..Why you say? Well there just so happens to be 3 in their family and thanks to Facebook I get to see their little peanut grow up right before my eyes!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

We used that fabulous wood embossed paper for their invite!
 Image by Chocolate Creative Design

 Just a simple little map...
 Image by Chocolate Creative Design

A sweet little reply card with my new favorite stamp from USPS!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Wrap it up with a printed belly band, carefully tied with some twine..
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

and Voila!
A handmade wedding invitation suite for the loveliest of families!
 Image by Chocolate Creative Design

I dare say this is the hard part...Because everything is made in the studio and because I am blessed with such great clients..letting go and finishing the project makes me elated and yet makes me sad at the same time!
On 9.10.11, I can guarantee that I will be thinking of this beautiful couple all daypraying for sunny weather and wishing them the most wonderful of wonderful life together!

Huge hugs to Jillian & Dan and Baby R for trusting in me, letting me be as creative as I can possibly be, allowing my imagination to grow and honestly just being the coolest couples around!

I can't forget Miss Suzanna March who sent these lovelies my way..

And of course to the Fab Miss Heidi H who is the best envelope sealer around!