Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Quote by Ray Bradbury

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

I have spent nearly an entire week just trying to put words to paper, on what exactly I would post for this final post of the year.

Should I write about all the wonderful things that happened over a course of a year?
Should I write about what I inspire to do in the coming year?
Should these lists be illustrated or purely words?
So many ideas swimming around inside this tiny little head..

But then life happened...
The kind that takes your breath away..
It makes you numb and unable to move a single muscle in your entire body.
In less than 24 hours, we have found out that we have lost a beloved family member, one who was full of spirit and too young to leave us.

But I am not writing this to seek sympathy or condolences...
I am writing this because sometimes those moments, as horrible as they may be, can give us the ability of sight.
A sight where the past doesn't seem so important. 
That lists are just lists.

What is important though...
is to live each day to the fullest..
To be grateful for the things that surround you no matter how big or small.
To try and grab the brass ring even if you fail 100 times.
and most importantly...
to LOVE!

So even though I said I wasn't writing a list, for 2012 I will be trying to follow along with these simple yet powerful actions..

Live Life
Grab the Brass Ring

As my heart is with a family in mourning,
I am strangely comforted in the thought that this wonderful spirited boy is now in the company of his father, that they are diving in the deep blue seas, swimming with the sharks and planning their next great adventure.

Be Safe, Tell Someone you Love Them, and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's stick together......

Between my house and the Studio..I probably have a Michael's size warehouse full of every type of glue imaginable..
Since I am busy working away on two Save the Dates this week, I thought this amazingly fabulous glue chart created by Design Sponge would be the perfect post for today.
Now if only they would list a group of products that would remove said glue from your fingertips...
then it would be even more perfect!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A little March in December on SMP....

I woke up this morning to a wonderful Christmas gift...
which just so happened to be featured right on over at 

Last March, I posted about a fabulous E-Shoot shot by the Oh so Lovely & Talented Miss Suzanna March which featured newly engaged Pam & James who were beautified and styled by Miss Sara Faella.

Since that time, Pam & James have walked down the aisle and have spent their first holiday as man & wife!

Huge thanks to Miss Suzanna March for including me in this lovely project, Miss Sara Faella for making it look all so wonderfully beautiful and to Pam & James for a lifetime of happiness!
 Image by Suzanna March

Tuesday Typeface....Tinsel......

Tinsel Alphabet created by Aesthetic Outburst

Everyone needs a little tinsel now and then...

Monday, December 26, 2011

a little glitter to start your week......

 On Sale for $64 at Express...
This is by far one of the cutest little New Year's Eve dresses...
and it just so happens to come in purple too!

For the Bohemian in me...
Loving this Sequin blouse by Free People..

and finally for the Lady in me....
This lovely vintage gold beaded number by Steel Magnolias shop on Etsy

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image created by Tracey Lau

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

We are practically jumping out of our skins here at the Wesson Household....
While some are dreaming of a White Christmas....I feel like I have already gotten my Christmas wish with the 56 degree balmy spring-like weather!!

Just this week, we finished donning our tree...
Image created by Wichmann & Bendtsen

From then on it's just been a waiting game...
 Image created by All the Beautiful Things

 In the meantime, myself and ALL three boys have been making cookies and reading from my all-time favorite book...
 Richard Scarry's
The Animals' Merry Christmas whose illustrations will forever be lovingly ingrained in my head!

 Instead of Sugarplums...
The Monster will have these dancing in his head...
 Matchbox Car Installation created by David T Waller

 And for any of you non-believers...
Sign found via Iron Accents

 Be Safe, Believe in Magic(its's good for your health) and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wonderfully Nutty.......

   These HAVE to be THIS years most creative and sweetest ornaments.
Designed by Robin Romain of Rawbone Studio, these little lovelies are sadly sold out...but just looking at them puts a smile on my face!

Lately, I have had peanuts on the brain as I am in the process of creating a Save the Date which will honor them.

I bet you can't guess where Tami & James are getting married?

Never one to not research....
I found out some interesting facts about the peanut...

1. Did you know that a peanut is not a nut but actually a bean?

2. Did you know that this past fall was one of the worst peanut seasons in America, therefore raising the price of peanut butter?

Whether it's a bean or a nut, 
I can honestly say that I am bananas over Rawbone's packaging!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now you are.........

Image found via weheartit
Added design elements by Chocolate Creative Design

Ever since I was born, I have known that you have wanted a real live elephant.  

You told me stories of your Grandfather, who went hunting in Africa, found them and brought them home as trophies for his wall. They come in all shapes and sizes and are often found wandering around your house. You have taken us to every zoo and circus in the world, always stopping first to find them. You packed us up when I was 12 and flew us to Africa in search of the 'REAL" ones.

Needless to say, you have made them a part of your world as well as mine.

Since elephants don't forget and ladies don't reveal their age....
I can discretely say that you are having an elephant sized birthday this year.
I had ordered a real one from Africa for you...
He was ready to go..donned with a bow and a balloon..
But have you seen Customs lately?

Sorry to say he won't be making it this year.
Maybe an elephant hug would suffice!

Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you!

Tuesday Typeface...Catch me if you can.....

 Gingerbread Man Alphabet created by Veronica Chan

Today is Gingerbread making day!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

What boys are made of....

If Girls are made of glitter, glue and sequins then
Boys are made of mud, grass stains and HUGE hearts!
Miss Anna Sawin asked me to create a Boys gift guide..
Well, my friends, as you know...
I am always up for a challenge...

Ok..I am not one to give ANYTHING that will make ANY sound BUT this looks super cool! The Rock-IT turns ANY Item (and I mean any!)
into a amplifier....Hook it up to your ipod and let them "Hunt" through the house to find the perfect speaker!
Since it's mobile....send them outside!!
Last year, the book the Monster chose was Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief. Absolutely enthralled with both the book and the movie, we are recommending book two, The Sea of Monsters which will also be out on the big screen come March 2012!
Boys LOVE to collect things...From animal skeletons to matchbook cars....Pottery Barn had a Fab Cubby Shelf which sadly is no longer available BUT you can turn ANY vintage wood bottle case into something AMAZING!
The Monster hates anything "Itchy" and J.Crew offers some amazing graphic tees that are as soft as a baby's bottom!
Cars,cars and more cars....I ordered these Pottery Barn Personalized Buckets 7 years ago and they are NOW just starting to deteriorate..They go inside,outside,inside and outside.
Legos..where would we all be without them..They raise the creative mind and can bust open your toe in a nano second..There are so many to choose from now...It's enough to make your mind explode! Any of the boats in The CITY series are AWESOME! They can rebuild ANY boat AND be carried from room to room without fear of dismantling!
Bugs and slimy creatures seem to always make it INTO our house...
We've had Frog Kits, Ant Farms and even Sea Monkeys..
These Prehistoric Aquasaurs should make any dinosaur fan jump for joy!

a little glitter to start your week......

A girl can dream can't she?
Isn't that what Christmas is all about? 

Thanks Doloris Petunia for giving us a wonderful glittery little dream...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image found via Martha Stewart

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

The christmas tree room is almost painted, the tree is anxiously awaiting in the kitchen and this weekend we will FINALLY start the decking of our halls! 
Better late than never I say!

Last Christmas, our newest family member was a mere 3 months old and about the weight of a cotton ball.
This year, at the ripe old age of one and weighing in at a hefty SIXTEEN pounds, we are a bit fearful of what might happen to our beloved tree...
The Monster and I found this hysterically funny animated short which made for one of the greatest belly laughs of all time..

Stay Safe,  Make a Gingerbread House and Have a Great Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who doesn't want a Horse?

Today may not be Tuesday typeface BUT this fabulous horse wall decal from Pottery Barn Kids  has certainly gotten me reminiscing...

You see...During my entire childhood, and at the very top of every christmas list I made was...
I want a real horse.
I even tried to convince my parents that the shed out back with the real horseshoe hanging over the dutch doors would be perfect for my new pet.
Suffice it to say...Mr. Claus couldn't deliver..
But maybe..just maybe this wall decal would have helped ease the pain a little bit!

Chocolate Therapy #55

Image found via Flickr

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Typeface...Hostess with the Mostess.....

 Critter Monogram Cards at Anthropologie
With a fabulous pen and a roll of stamps this would make the perfect Stocking stuffer, Hostess gift or Place Cards at the Christmas Dinner table!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fabulous & Creative Wreaths..Part Deux!

Pinecone Wreath via Real Simple

Last year, I did a little post called Fabulous & Creative Wreaths...
Apparently, it was one of the most checked out post to date..
So...I decided a Part 2 was in order..
This time, there are some creative gems but I thought it was also important to list a few store bought favorites for those of us who have simply run out of time!

In the Tall One's family, the wreath is a very very big deal!
When the rooster crows the day after Thanksgiving, the "Aunties" of the Big House on the Island,  get together for some serious wreath making!

First, the tools are brought out...
Second, greens are gathered from the Island or brought from home which are then very carefully placed into piles.
Third, Don't forget those gloves and a few berries..
Fourth, It's always good to have a helper nearby...
Finally....the piece de resistance...the bow!
I feel extremely lucky to have been part of this family tradition...
In fact.... When the Tall One and I were dating...he made one and very very carefully brought it into the city for me....
At that moment..
He literally had me at wreath...

So here you go folks..
Fabulous & Creative Wreaths 
Part Deaux

Wood Curl Wreath via Garnet Hill

Natural Pod Wreath at Horchow

 Cotton Wreath at Terrain

Chili Pepper Wreath at Elegant Holidays on Etsy

Cooks Herb Wreath at Williams Sonoma


Pier 1 Peacock Wreath

Garnet Hill Feather Wreath

 Butcher Paper Wreath via Tip Junkie

Paper Christmas Wreath at Flighty Fleurs on Etsy
Book Pages & Bottlecap Wreath via The Answer is Chocolate

 Kitchen Wreath via Flickr 

Wish Wreath via Real Simple

Let it Snow Wreath via Flickr

Picture Frame Wreath via Just a Blink 
(Thanks Anna Sawin!)
Button Wreath via Factory Direct Craft

Wine Cork Wreath at Must Love Cork on Etsy

Epson Salt Wreath via Addicted 2 Decorating

Felt Ball Wreath via West Elm

Felt Flower Wreath at Wreath Inc Gifting on Etsy

Winter Yarn Wreath at Embellished Living on Etsy

Burlap Wreath at The Walnut Street House on Etsy

 Ball Wreath via Jamali Garden

Sparkle Pinecone Wreath via Garnet Hill

Glass Ornament Wreath via Horchow

Kitschy Wreath via Kitschavan on Etsy

Gold Leaf Wreath via Victoria Dreste Designs

Jingle Bell Wreath via Little Birdie Secrets
So what type of wreath is going on your door this year??