Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Typeface.....Letterpress....

We are anxiously awaiting some rockin letterpress wedding invites that we specially designed for the lovleiest of couples...
Letterpress Wood Letters available at Vintage Marvels on Etsy

Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Maize Hutton

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Our spurs are jingle jangle jingling...

We have seen some very large and important men carved perfectly out of a mountain.
We have ridden the rapids and have come out alive.
We have seen water shoot out of the air at skyscraper height.
Can you guess where we are??
Don't worry..
I'll fill you in on Monday..


Be Safe, Ride a Horse and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ooo la la Times Two....

I have the privilege of spending 9 days with 2 of my favorite nieces...
Since they are half Frenchie...
I can't help but ALWAYS conjure some sort of Ooo la la in my head...

Since they are my ultimate, can't live without French import...
I thought I might just share a few of my other favorite French things...


and of course..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Typeface.....Anticipation....

This one's for my niece..
the Lovely Miss P,
who has been dubbed the Queen of Ketchup...
Ketchup Alphabet created by Hosun Lee

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Image by Chocolate Creative Design
They say that Steel marks the 11 year anniversary.
Luckily for us, Tall One, that we just so happen to be in a steel tube flying over some of the most gorgeous landscape our country has to offer. Even though all of our boys aren't with us now, I know that very soon we shall be a family of five again.
To think...
We started out as two
then three
then four
and now finally five.
How wonderfully lucky we are..
to be wrapped around their fingers

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Image found via Madison Magazine-AU

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

This Spring, myself as well as Chocolate Creative Design, was the busiest that we have EVER been...
1 birthday party, 1 Save the Date, 3 Wedding Invitation Suites, 1 designed & styled wedding, assisting 2 weddings on the Island, 1 Bridal Shower invite & party decor and ceremony & reception papers for 3 weddings...
Luckily the Monster and I were able to squeek in some gardening and now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor...
with gorgeous flowers, almost ripe tomatoes, zucchini the size of a baby and fresh fresh cucumbers...

The Monster and I have also been having the most glorious 3 weeks simply just playing, frogging, swimming, sailing, reading, laughing and eating ice cream...

There are a few more adventures up our sleeves in the coming weeks and can't wait to share with everyone!!

This year, I have learned that 
it is OK to work hard 
one must make time to play hard too!!

Happiest of Wedding Days today to the lovliest of couples..
Miss Spring & Mr. Silas
Maine will be the same!!

Stay Safe, Buy a Hula Hoop and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


 Image by Stephanie Williams for Ruche

What is it about butterflies that simply touch your soul?
This Spring, I planted some extra special Bee Balm & Veronica just in time for their Summer arrival....

At the Island, the milkweed had overtaken the Hay fields...
So...a couple years ago, some decided that it was time to spray and rid the fields of what they think is a noxious weed...

So the Monster and I headed over there (crossing our fingers) 
in hopes that this year we might just find some Monarch Butterfly eggs and caterpillars.. 

What we learned was...
that Mother Nature is very persistent 
(and had obviously heard our wishes)
and never EVER gives up the good fight.. 

She not only brought back the healthiest batch of milkweed this year
THE largest selection of Monarch caterpillars & eggs
the eye could see...

 A few beetles having some...ahem...fun
 Some serious acrobatics..
 No leaf unturned...
 Almost time for chrysalis...
 Giving Old Glory a nod on our way out...
All images by Chocolate Creative Design

In honor of our winged friends who give us such immense joy throughout the summer..
A few Butterfly friendly finds...

1. Vintage Mottahedah Sacred Bird & Butterfly Plates at Replacements
2. Backyard Butterfly Garden Dress at Modcloth
3. Nine West Walkhard Sandal at Endless
4. Vintage Butterfly Glasses at Tias
5. Vintage Butterfly Brooch at Snow Flower Pie on Etsy
6. Batesian Sandals at Anthropologie
7. Columbia Road Wallpaper at Custhom
8. Andy Warhol Butterflies at Room & Board
9. Dresden Gold Foil Butterflies at 32o North

Monday, July 16, 2012

a little glitter to start your week.....

There's just something about these vintage 1950 Rhinestone glasses that makes me melt.....
It would be PERFECT for a certain sight-losing Lady's birthday....
Available at Bee Jay Kay on Etsy

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blistering Barnacles!!

 I am OBSESSED with these paper-clay DIY barnacles over at  

In fact..I could design an entire wedding around them...
In fact, Miss Lil Hoot needs to pick up some gold leafing so we could make some of these beauties for a certain lovely mermaid I know...

Chocolate Therapy #88

Print created and available by Freya Art on Etsy