Saturday, June 14, 2014

Now We Are 11....

Now we are 11...
Your numbers are like twins..
standing tall and confident side by side..
Just like you..
My beautiful Gemini...
Your shoulders are widening..
Your legs are lengthening..
You are only a mere 3.5 inches shorter than I..
I can't nuzzle your head under my chin...
and soon..
very very soon...
we will be looking into each other's eyes..

Oh those eyes...
still full of wonder, curiosity, joy and most importantly..
Things are changing..
changing so incredibly fast..
 You see things clearer through these new eyes..
You are peeking through the curtain.
You're learning how the world REALLY works..
I watch as it takes a bit of a toll on your soul my sweet anxious one..
I am still there...
holding your hand and
we shall brave it together..

So I guess...
This is why 11
is absolute heaven...

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet man-child Monster..

So let's dive into some of that double layered chocolate cake.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My favorite ladies decided to show their lovely faces for me today..
 I have been waiting for them ALL week!!
What a wonderful Mother's Day gift from none other than 
Mother Nature... 

It is true..
Moms are what make the world go round.
I am truly honored that I have joined the ranks and I wear my badge with the highest of honor.
Maybe it's the adoptee in me..
we learn at a very young age..
that blood does not a family make...
I have had so so many wonderful Moms along the way..
It is quite simple really..
a Mom is one who shows courage, support, selflessness, understanding, kindness, patience
most importantly
to ALL my wonderful Moms...
The Happiest of Days
may you know..
that I would not be the woman I am without you..
You are truly..
the lilacs of my life...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Bow tie by Forage

Hoppy Hoppy Easter Everyone!!!

Here's to blue skies,
green grass
to a tummy full of

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Typeface..Pink Moon...

Lunar Alphabet via Leandro Katz

Today marks not only a series of lunar eclipses 
a gorgeous Pink Moon to boot.
I can't help but be reminded of one of our favorite tunes that happened to play non stop in our newly purchased Grande Dame some 14 years ago..
Volkswagen did this Nick Drake beauty justice in 1999.
It will forever make me feel 16 again...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Tim Walker

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

We Wessons are bringing out the candles, the balloons and a lovely little cake for a certain Grande Dame who turns 14 today...
She definitely doesn't look a day over 229...
even though the old farmers down the street have nicknamed her the "house that can't hold paint"..
We love her all the more..
believe that she's the epitome of a classic beauty.
it's time my friends..
She's in need of a makeover...
What every teenage girl dreams of...
So my go-to design guru
(and sister from another mister)
Miss Heidi Heublein has been helping me do just that...

Having sent out Michaela & Mike's wedding invitation suite this week..
I am taking a much needed..
much anticipated..
long long vaca....
What pray tell shall I do with all this time...
I'll be..
Taking the Monster to THE City..
(the only city that forever holds my heart)
Catching up on some reading...
(both book and blog)
Getting some exercise with Mr. G...
Planning the Garden..
Writing up some delicious posts for this little ole blog..
Getting into the studio and START creating (for me)
and of course..
drag Miss Heublein into our Grande Dame
help make her

Be Safe, Get Outside and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Take Flight....

Ohhh..Those creatives over at Anthropologie make my heart sing..
I have a sweet sweet spot for the Monarch... 
You see..
Every year on our little island..
those lovely winged beauties..
lay their tiny white eggs in our fields..
yellow and black striped caterpillars emerge..
mint green chrysalises are formed..
delicate flashes of orange, gold and black..
flit, fly and dance through our golden stalks of hay..
Then as quickly as they arrive..
with tiny suitcases in hand..
they head to Mexico...
 Image by Chocolate Creative Design
from Papillon post

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Hare....

Image by Zuza & Bartek for Pani Magazine 2012

Easter may be one of my all time favorite holidays..
It's the lucky four footed creature that has stolen my heart..
Hare, rabbit, bunny...
They come in many guises..
But they are essentially the same..
Furry, fuzzy, lovable critters..
I've had many as pets
luckily I can get my fix up at Terra Firma Farm...
it's this time of year we get to truly celebrate them...
Do you have a few hiding in your home?
For the Table
1. Caskatea Rabbits Gold Canape Plates at Gracious Style
2. Kissing Rabbits Picnic Basket at Anorak
3. Bunny & Chick Salt & Pepper Shakers at Crate and Barrel
4. White Rabbit Tail Mug at Liberty  5. Jack Rabbit Cake Mold at Casa
6. Bunny Honey Jar at Nordstrom  7. Bunny Cake Stand at Leo and Bella
8. Hand painted Bunny Plate at Roootreee on Etsy
9. Bunny Pineapple Container at Beklina  10. Bunny Glass Dish with Lid at H & M
11. Bunny 12 Egg Platter at Williams Sonoma

For the Closet
1. Marc Jacobs Bunny Earrings at Shopbop
2. Hopkins Bunny Watch at Francescas
3. Marc Jacobs Rabbit Print Clutch at Farfetch
4. Marc Jacobs Sleeping Bunny Slippers at Neiman Marcus
5. Hermes Zlapin Tie  6. Marc Jacobs Bunny Scarf at Shopbop
7. Salvatore Ferragamo Bunny Tie at Neiman Marcus
8. Rabbit Bag at Yes Style  9. Quilted Rabbit Ears Bag at Asos
10. Golden Bunny Earrings at Us Trendy
11. Crystal Bunny Ears Headband at Nordstrom

For the Nest
1. Gilded Bunny Print at Anthropologie  2. Rabbit Hook at Asos
3. Faux Fur Cushion Cover at H & M 
4. Swinging Hare Door Knocker at Anthropologie 
5. Rabbit Weathervane at Sheila Shrubs
6. Emily & Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock at PB Teen 
7. Animal Ears Picture Frame at Burke Decor
8. Vintage Brass Bunny Bookends at Dewy Morning Vintage on Etsy
9.  Bunny Table Lamp at Lamps Plus 10. Mushroom Forest Wallpaper at Anthropologie
11. Brass Bunny Faucet at Amazon

For the Bebe
1. Stella McCartney Thumper Jumper  2. Peter Rabbit Library at Anthropologie
3. Paul Smith Bunny One Piece at Nordstrom  4. Bunny Pillowcase at H & M
5. Stack The Carrots Game at Crate & Barrel  
6. White Rabbit Nightlight at Smallable
7. Bunny Slippers at French Blossom  8. Bunny Dress at Gap
9. Stella McCartney Bunny Body  10. Rocking Rabbit at A Plus Store
11. Welcome Baby Book at Anthropologie

Monday, March 31, 2014

a little glitter to start your week....

It's inevitable..
along with the budding of flowers...
come bugs...
I've already seen a few of my polka dotted ladies appearing in my bathroom window...
But I dare say...
I am happy to make room for some creepy crawlies.
especially if they are glittery and golden..
if it means that my scented ladies shall appear..
1. Kate Spade June Lane at Bloomingdales  2. Glasbury Knobs at Anthropologie
3. Butterfly Necklace at Elva Fields  4. Flower & Insect Stone Bracelet at Topshop
5. Bee Necklace at Manictrout on Etsy  6. Kate Spade June Lane Cup at Bloomingdales
7. Bee iphone case at Case Cavern on Etsy  8. Entomology Knobs at Anthropologie
9. Jardin Heart Box at Tiffany   10. Choose Your Life Necklace at Elva Fields
11. Gold Bug Plate at Angioletti Designs on Etsy

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia March 2008

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

You big giant fibber..
You were supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb...
I feel robbed, bamboozled and even hornswoggled...
But what's a girl to do??
I guess..
Make this little blog as Springy as Springy can be...
There will be flowers, bunnies and perhaps something new...
I might even backtrack and start posting work as
I am behind a year or two.. 
So think Spring with all your might..
and who knows..
Someone may be listening and turn things right...
Be Safe, Think Spring and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glitter..Southern Style...

One of the most important things in life is the love of friends..
One of the best things in life is when you get to jump for JOY and shout HOORAY when they have accomplished something great!
This morning is no exception...
One of my former brides..
The lovliest of lovlies..
Miss Tami Rekas
(you know..that beauty from Southern Weddings Magazine)
has embarked on the adventure of becoming a wedding planner/stylist and
has formed the company 
(more on this later)
located in New York and Virginia...
What started as clients quickly became friends and now even more exciting..
My heart has certainly skipped a beat...
 last year when she brought her clients Sarah & Ashby to my door..
I couldn't have been more ecstatic!
They allowed us crazy designers to convince them that
gold, glitter, stripes and florals were the way to go...
We couldn't have been luckier..
as luck would have it...
Style Me Pretty thought it was pretty awesome too..
So go check it out my friends...

Shout a BIG hooray for Sarah &  Ashby..
Jump for JOY for Miss Tami Rekas..
This is just the beginning my lovely Southern Sister...
Your grace, wit, warmth, artistry and unmistakable Southern Charm
not only has won MY heart..
but will win the heart of others..

This is certainly..
 one lady to watch...
Photography: Eric Kelley Photography | Floral Design: Verde Natural Florals | Event Planning: Urban Lace Events | Event Design: Urban Lace Events | Bride's Hair : Julie Jackson Stylists | Catering : Harvest Moon |
Escort Cards, Menus, Programs: Chocolate Creative Design