Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!

Image found via artskooldamage

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

It's a perfect weekend for a little spa time with "Auntie Egg", gorgeously delicious weather, digging in the dirt, and Opening Day of Little League!

See you in May for a glittery DIY and an Island in the Sun Save the Date!!

Stay Safe, Get Outside and Have a Great Weekend!!

This little piggy.....

Lately,it seems as though I have been doing a tremendous amount of Spring cleaning....I think it's because I can't keep up with the Monster's growth spurts. Most of his clothes end up being passed down to friends or donated to Good Will...However, there are those few select pieces that I can't help but hoard and put away into plastic his first pair of Penny Loafers, his first Reefs or my personal favorite, his first pair of Chucks.  It seems so sad that they must hide away and are only to be seen when the bin is opened yet again.
Well, thankfully for Real Simple...they have inspired me to find  not only a beautiful home for them but a place where I can remember every day just how lucky I am!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursdays are for Mood Boards...Bond...Anna Bond..

If you haven't figured it out by now, then you must know that I am deeply enamored (or possibly in love) with Anna Bond of Rifle Design. Now I don't know this lovely lady....yet...But I can tell you that since missing her at the National Stationery Show last year, as Miss Amy Graver and I thought it clever to go sans map, this year I will certainly not let that happen again!!

Always in decorating mode, I stumbled upon these beautiful fabrics and wallpapers by Nina Campbell for Osborne & Little.  I couldn't quite figure out why I was soooo enthralled by them. 
Then it hit me...hard....
They were completely Anna Bondish! I can't even begin to tell you how much it makes me swoon when she paints with black...

So in honor of Miss Bond....
A delightful and whimsical Spring Mood Board..
Dress & Shrug: Bhldn, Lampshade: Anthropologie, Cuff: Bhldn
Shoes: Anthropologie, Dress:Bhldn, Plate: Anthropologie
Flowers by Flowerwild, Photo by Stephanie Williams
Flower Pins: NomsaPaper: Rifle Design

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sing a song of sixpence...

Move over cupcakes and cake pops..there's a new pastry in town...the pie...
In fact, it's really the mini pie...
You can fill them with fruit, vegetables, chicken or even lobster!
This fab cookbook is available over at William Sonoma..
But that's not all gets even better...
I almost fell over backwards when I saw this little beauty...
Available at William Sonoma (on Sale) this baby takes only 8 minutes to cook 4 pies.... 
I might just have to scoop one up for the Monster's Birthday..

What kind of pie would you make?

Tuesday Typeface.....Circus...

Alphabet Circus created by ilovedust

April 28-May 1- Providence, Rhode Island
May 4-May 8- Hartford, Connecticut

Back in the day, while living in NYC, my ladies and I would enjoy a cold beverage at our favorite place, Brews, as we watched the animals from the circus parade down 34th Street, coming through the Mid-Town Tunnel to Madison Square Garden.
Now those were the days!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

a little glitter to start your week...

If only I still lived in Alexandria, Virginia......
I would definitely make a daily pilgrimage to The Hour Shop perusing the aisles filled with the most stunning and glamorous vintage barware.

Sadly, I don't... but every Friday, one of my all-time favorite blogs takes me on a glamorous cocktail adventure..filling my head full of glass swizzle sticks,kitchy linen napkins and to die for stemware...

What pray tell is the name of this perfectly delish blog?? 
It's none other than La Petite Coquin which is curated by the very very Lovely Lena.

Besides writing a most fabulous blog, the Lovely Lena (a classically trained coloratura soprano)lives with her extremely talented musician husband John, in the city of San Francisco.

Every Friday she comes up with one the most decadent and scrumptious of cocktails. It's kinda like the cocktail version of Julie & Julia. For me, it's not just the cocktail that I have been anxiously awaiting's the fantasy...
I picture the Lovely Lena (who in my mind must be just like Zooey of my favorites!) with her fab bangs in a vintage frock mixing up a new cocktail, while her handsome husband John changes up of some vinyl on their mid century modern turntable in their very chic apartment.

So..Miss Lena..I have a question or dare say challenge for you...Which of these glittery barware sets would you choose and what cocktail would you put in them?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Image by FotoRita

Happy Easter Everyone!!

We're up super early this morning and have already found evidence that Mr. EB has made his way down our trail and into our home. It seems he gets trickier and trickier every year when it comes to hiding those chocolate eggs and jellybeans..

Here's to a warm Spring day filled with 
chocolate, family and friends!!
Image by Clare Hanna

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

"Friends are family you choose for yourself"  ~Author Unknown

I couldn't resist posting this quote as I find that as my immediate family grows so does my extended one, one that is filled with friends that have now become family.

One of my all time favorite Easters just so happened to be a couple years ago, hosted by Miss Heidi at her home.
Gorgeous tulips and the hostesses fabulous apron...
Mr.Harvey was the perfect host...
Signs of excitement!
 Unbelievably thoughtful table settings!!!

 The fashion was perfectly in tune with Spring!
Get a load of those shoes!!
Cocktails were ready..
Hors d'oeuvres were set...
Eggs...had a new purpose...
 Chicks and
bunnies were everywhere...
Some shared a swing while a very special someone finally took the training wheels off and learned to zoom on her own..
The right amount of
Cooks in the kitchen,
make the perfect dish...
The Hunt began.....some were hidden very very well...
While others required a bit of teamwork to find...
 As if that wasn't enough...out came dessert..
 Some couldn't shove it in quick enough
While others....enjoyed the sugar rush and

came up with their own fun..

Stay Safe, Stay warm and have the most amazingly Happy Weekend whether it's with friends, family or 
friends who have become family!

All images by Chocolate Creative Design

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dueling Designers...Part Onze..

Image by Laura Moss for Country Living

Spring is in the air, Easter is around the corner, so you know what that means....another installment of Dueling Designers... The loveliest of lovelies, Miss Amy Graver of Elements Designand I BOTH decided that a soft yellow, such as Pantone #100c or 607c, would be the perfect fit for this particular duel..
How could it not be...with downy chicks and daffodils..
Mellow yellow is where it's at!

Elements Design
Row one :: Bunnies :: Paper bag bouquet  

Chocolate Creative Design
Duck Image: Pinterest  Macaroon image: Pinterest 
Door Image:  Dresser Image: Martha Stewart
Shoe Image: Aubrey Short  Table Image: Country Living
Dress Image: Anthropologie  Painting:Dalan Wells
Chair Image: Anthropologie