Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

 Image found via weheartit

Happy Happy Halloween!!!!!

The costume is out of the bag. sword has been polished and our little Ninja is ready for some serious treats!
Oh how I wish he would let me make his costume....
Many in Connecticut will be tip toeing through snow this year to get their treats...
Many are still in the dark...

Wishing everyone a Safe, Warm and Electrified Halloween!!

a little glitter to start your week.....

 Just in case you need a little bit of glamour this Halloween!
Zowie Scarf at Anthropologie

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image by Debra McClinton for Country Living

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

It will not snow, it will not snow, it will not snow...
Hopefully with enough of these little chants, I will get my wish!

How can it snow when the leaves don't even know what to do...
Some are bare, some are still green without even a hint of yellow or red and some like our cherry has re-bloomed..

So without any leaf raking to do and piles to jump in...
Maybe a dose of these homemade caramel chocolate covered apples might just do the trick!

Be Safe, Take time for a cup of Hot Chocolate (it's good for the soul you know) 
Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something Old, Something New....

The Tall One and I have been talking for years about getting married again....
Not renewing...remarrying...
We are very different people now....
I'd like to think wiser and happier...
So why not have a REAL wedding instead of a renewal??

Ideas have flown back and forth, up and down, in and out..
Back yard..Italy...Back yard..

It wasn't until I was doing my daily Etsy persuing that our wonderful dream popped back into my head.
There she was...lovely, lacey and OH so fabulous!!
If only I could fit into this little number I would scoop it up and whisk him away to Italy on the next flight!
So for right now, I am completely content and overjoyed to watch as the lovely Miss Lena (my tried and true follower AND commenter!!) from La Petite Coquin  and her just happened last weekend fiance, Jon,
start planning for their big day..Now if you love weddings and all things lovely I would immediately hop, skip and jump on over....I am dying to know what specialty cocktail they will be choosing, what will be gracing her toes (peep toes I am guessing) and  what fabulous music will be playing...

Ohhh the world is your oyster, Lena & Jon..
Enjoy the adventure and be sure to laugh and smile EVERY day!!

 Dress: Vintage Alfred Angelo at Cool Vintage Finds on Etsy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Typeface.....Alphabucks...

Alphabucks created by Amanda Carter 

This one's for those wonderfully talented Marantzs, who I believe, keep that Starbucks company in business!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

 Image found via inspiredjoyfulchaos

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! 

This is going to be one of those incredibly bittersweet weekends...
There will be tears, laughter, hugs, more tears, teasing, taunting and definitely some smiles.
I am hitting the road (braving 95) to good ole Philly to visit one of my dearest and oldest friends.
It makes me chuckle to say friend because really...we are sisters.
We claimed each other as sisters when we were just 14, living together far far away from home. We fought(I have the bruises!), shared clothes, laughed, cried, got into trouble and dealt with boy heartache just like sisters.
So it's no surprise that when I found out her Dad had just passed away this week, that I would run, jump, skip or hop my way to her.

We have made it through everything together..
Really really short hair...
and Really Really blonde hair....

At some point in time we lost each other...but thanks to email, texts and Facebook, I feel as though we have never left one another's side...
I have been able to watch her family grow from just two to a brood of five!!

It wasn't until recently when I found this image that I realized we hadn't seen each other since our Monsters were this size...
Living some six or seven states away, it has been extremely difficult getting together.

She has traveled a very tough journey, losing first her mother to cancer and now her father to the same battle.
But folks....She is a true survivor. She is definitely not a woe is me kinda girl and because of that..this is what I have realized..
That her Father has given us a great gift. He has given us the chance to seize the day, put the pedal to the medal and never ever waste a moment of this life nor our friendship.

So Thank you Mr. C for your gift...
I promise that tonight we will be laughing, crying, teasing, and taunting,never missing a moment of this life...never missing a moment with my sister.

Be Safe, Hug a Friend and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Great Pumpkin....

This Mom better get crackalacking, as we don't even have one tiny pumpkin at our door. I have had this image for months and am completely obsessed with Alisa Burke's creations.
I better dust off those paints and get busy!!!
The Monster has a few ideas of his own and if I don't watch out...our entire front yard could become a cemetery...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

a little glitter to start your week.....

This little glitter goes out to my dear friend Ms. Crawford at 
These sweet as could be Mercury Owls from West Elm are not only hootalicious but 50% of the purchase price goes to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital!!
I'd say that's glitter with heart!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let your imagination grow....Tea for Two Part 2.....

With a little help from my friend Miss Anna Sawin, we sadly close on one of my favorite wedding paper projects EVER!

Beginning with a delicate little program for the church ceremony
(I completely underestimated this part...who knew EVERYONE would take one home!)

To a specialty cocktail menu...
A St. Germain Cocktail!! Yummy!!!

A very clean and simple bar menu....

Finding your way to your seat with the help of a tiny postcard...
 showcasing all of their most important places they have traveled to or lived in.

Closing with a deliciously scrumptious sounding menu carefully wrapped with burlap and fastened with a little hay or lavender...
There we have it folks...
I can't believe that in just 10 short days, they will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy Happy Day to Erin & Dan...
A couple who just seems to glow both inside and out!!

All images by Anna Sawin Photography

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cha Cha Chocolate....

A little birdie..or shall I say a Lil Hoot gave me a little blog lovin this morning...Ms. Crawford, who is a die hard Kate Spade loyalist, informed me that Ms. Spade's Color of the Month just so happens to be Chocolate!
Well...I couldn't agree more!

They picked some fab chocolate finds 
I couldn't help but add a few of my own!

Here's to a Month filled with Chocolate!!
All item found via Kate Spade

Tuesday Typeface....Coffee, Cocoa or Tea....

Homegrown Monogram Mug at Anthropologie

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! finally feels as though Fall is finally on it's way..
Luckily, this weekend looks like we might be getting a little bit of an Indian Summer and since the Tall One won't be turning the heat on till after Thanksgiving....I am A-Ok with that!!

There are some exciting projects heading our way, however, this weekend..I can't wait to just relax, pick some pumpkins and hang with my 4 boys..
Nothing feeds your soul like having nothing to do!

Stay Safe, Dive into a Leaf Pile and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Apple a day....

 Last night..I have to admit..I shed a little tear...
I didn't know him  personally and I have no idea what type of man he was.
But what I do know is that he changed my life forever. 

Without his forward thinking, perseverance and genius I wouldn't have been able to do the following:
1. Type a college term paper without using Wite-Out.
2. Become a Childrenswear designer (hand-sketching..don't get me started..Wite-out is still NOT my friend!))
3. Felt sane after moving to a new state, new house in the middle of farm country by bringing Anthropologie and my friends into my living room every day.
4. Became a graphic designer (handwritten type with a Rapidograph and vellum would have killed me..)
5. Found music again and the art of "THE MIXED TAPE" (sorry folks still can't call it a cd)
6. Caught the Monster on video in all forms of hilarious moments(later to be used as bribery or at his wedding rehearsal).
7. Stayed sane through a week long electric outage during hurricane Irene.

After reading and hearing about his life and the path he chose, I cannot help but be re-inspired in my own business. Who else has co-founded a company that has created one of the world's most important inventions, got fired from his own CEO and then came back to not only rock out 3 even more inspiring inventions with the most awesome branding EVER!! I mean Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and Henry Ford invented the automobile...but they certainly did not create a lifestyle or a brand!

So thank you Mr. Jobs..
For making my life easier, for bringing my faraway friends back into my life, making new friends from this little ole blog, allowing me the freedom to be as creative as I can possibly be 
and that thinking differently is perfectly ok.

 So in being a die hard Apple fan...I decided that today instead of getting sad, anxious or even scared of where my favorite company might go....
I will celebrate this man's life, genius and tenacity with song. Songs, which in my opinion, are the most amazing, creative and exciting branding the world has ever known!