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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My favorite ladies decided to show their lovely faces for me today..
 I have been waiting for them ALL week!!
What a wonderful Mother's Day gift from none other than 
Mother Nature... 

It is true..
Moms are what make the world go round.
I am truly honored that I have joined the ranks and I wear my badge with the highest of honor.
Maybe it's the adoptee in me..
we learn at a very young age..
that blood does not a family make...
I have had so so many wonderful Moms along the way..
It is quite simple really..
a Mom is one who shows courage, support, selflessness, understanding, kindness, patience
most importantly
to ALL my wonderful Moms...
The Happiest of Days
may you know..
that I would not be the woman I am without you..
You are truly..
the lilacs of my life...