Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Weekend!!

Image via Hermes

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Mr. G and I are still mushing through the frozen tundra....
we are getting super excited for Sunday night..
Lots of ice and bling to see from all those lovely ladies on the red carpet...
We may just have to pull out our sunnies...
Even more exciting..
we will be crossing our fingers and paws for our cousin
who was part of the 12 Years a Slave ensemble..
It seemed to work for the Golden Globes...
we may have to cut out early as he will making an appearance on our new favorite show..
Nothing better than the magic of Hollywood as they transform a gorgeous man into a creepy meth addict named Jimmy Ledoux..

We are sooo proud of you Cuz..
Good things come to those who wait!!

Be Safe, Pull out your Best Bling and Have a Great Weekend!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

a little glitter to start your week...

It may be a bit too early in the season to think about fish...
 Last week started the countdown for my Pisces lovelies..
Luckily, there are way too many fish in my life to count...
Yet, I am a bit bias as they surely are the most sparkliest of the bunch..

1. Thrilled to Pisces Necklace at Modcloth
2. Silver Scales Velveteen Pillow  at Bella Bella Shoppe on Etsy
3. Crystal Embellished Fish Leather Baby Booties at Vibys on Etsy
4. Emu Australia Fish Boots at Amazon 5. Fish Flask at Urban Outfitters
6. Fish Bottle Opener at High Street Market 
7. Gold Leaf Scale Carved Box at One King's Lane
8. Fish Napkin Rings at Zara Home  9. Pink Scales Dog Bowl at Furbish
10. Pisces Cuff at C Wonder  11. Garth Fish Doorbell Cover at Artful Home
12. Lime Fish Small Bowl at Vivre   13. Hanging Glass Orbs at CB2

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image via Hermes

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

It's official..
I now live in an igloo...
Even though the first day of Spring is only one month away...
it seems like light years..
Cold, ice, wind, rain and snow has taken its toll on us
New Englanders..
Much like an indoor plant...
I find myself moving and stretching to find the light and possibly a bit of sun to my raise my spirit..
Mr. G does just that for me..
He has become a snow dog..
I think perhaps he believes he could mush with the best of them..
Romping, jumping and even smiling through at least a foot of snow and never giving up even though it hinders his daily duties..
His persistence, joy and courage warms my heart and seems to melt all that wicked ice away..
I find my self daydreaming of his first Spring..
The feeling of new grass, emerging crocuses through the soft earth, strange new little creatures awakening in the garden, the songs of birds in the trees and the sweet sweet air perfumed with flowering trees..
Sounds heavenly right?!
But he is teaching me to be in the now...
to find light when it seems only to be dark..
to find warmth when it seems only to be cold..
to find joy when it seems only to be melancholy..

Be Safe, Make a Snow Angel and Have a Great Weekend!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Typeface...Ice Flowers...

This is what my garden looks like now..
covered in ice and a blanket of fresh snow..
My Garden Alphabet created by Petra Blahova

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Abby Powell


It has been one heck of a crazy week..
Mother Nature has been pulling some serious punches..
Luckily us New Englanders came through yesterday's storm unscathed..
and today...
Today, I hear the glorious sound of snow melting under a gorgeous bright blue sky..

I woke up this morning to some extra Valentine's Day kisses from my boys..
perfect way to start the day..
I think the chocolate covered strawberries from his secret admirer (not me!) that arrived yesterday in the snowstorm (hooray UPS)
got the Monster into the holiday spirit.. 

Speaking of the holiday spirit..
I was told by my too cool for school middle schooler weeks ago that 5th graders don't give Valentines..
My heart wilted a bit..
Are we really there yet? 
Aha..Not yet..
Cause lo & behold we received the class list 2 days ago..
What to create in 2 days in the middle of a snowstorm??
Certainly not a masterpiece..
But we Wessons don't give up..
The Monster picked the candy
(of course the one with the hardest name to rhyme)
this old lady's brain had to start chug chug chugging..

So here we go my lovely Readers..
One just for you!!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Be Safe, Show Someone You LOVE  Them and Have a Great Weekend!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Typeface....Dandelions....

In the midst of winter,
I dream of dandelions...
Dandelion Alphabet by Johnny Morris

Monday, February 10, 2014

a little glitter to start your week..

I am absolutely positively over my winter boots..
And my toes..
Well, my toes are feeling suffocated by the layers upon layers of cotton socks..
If only I could show them some LOVE...
Maybe this little ode to summer toes will help...
1. Sparkle/Glitter Sandals at Jack Rogers
2. Star Mela Sandals at Yoox
3. Fabio Rusconi Flat Thong Sandal at Lori's Shoes
4. Bryn Pave Bow Flat Thong at Tory Burch
5. Capri Sandals at Yoox
6. Large Seahorse Sandals at Mystique
7. DV Anica Flat Thong at Macys
8. Brentwood Sandal at Trina Turk
9. Davy Metallic Flat Thong at Tory Burch
10. Sperry Summerlin Sandal at Zappos
11. Zachi Sandals at Nine West
Mel Love City Flip Flops at Victoria's Secret

Monday, February 3, 2014

a little glitter to start your week....

1. Secret Heart Espresso Cup at Wiebus Designs   2. Heart Soap at Free People
3. Olive Wood Mini Heart Dish Set at Connected
4. Love Quotes & Passages from the Heart at Anthropologie
5. Heart Ear Buds at Audiocubes   6. Gold Heart Dish at Michael Aram
7. Wood Made with Love Spoon at Terrain
8. Juliska Berry & Thread Heart Canape Plates at Bloomingdales
9. Effervescence Clutch at BHLDN    10. Dancing Heart Shoes at BHLDN
Gold Heart Belt Buckle at CWonder

Valentine's Day is just around the corner...
so I thought I'd get a little heart start on it..
they may all not be glittery & golden but I can assure you..
when given..
They will make the heart sparkle!