Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you Flamingo?

 Image by Slim Aarons of Durie Desloge and Wendy Vanderbilt

 Today and yesterday have been an absolute gift from the gods above...

The thermometer has been reading 58 degrees with the most loveliest of lovely balmy breezes.
The warm humidity has my skin jumping for joy,
although my hair might just disagree...

It reminds me of our yearly pilgrimage to Florida to visit my grandmother when I was a child.

Sadly, I haven't stepped foot on Floridian soil since 2006, but my heart and soul think about it often...
 Image via Chocolate Creative Design

 I remember flying through a starry sky into the Orlando airport... 
Stepping off the plane and having the intoxicating sweet smell of orange blossoms envelop me in the warm night air...
The dark silhouettes of the palm trees gently waved and welcomed me on our sleepy car ride to the house..
Being woken up by the smiling faces of the orange and yellow zinnias which papered the bedroom walls.
Stepping and hopping over cracks (not to break my mother's back) down the rough brick breezeway to the dining room
a freshly picked pink grapefruit awaited my arrival.
Seeing my long legged grandmother at the table dressed in her finest Lilly..
Always Lilly..always a skirt...

Such amazing memories that will forever be held in my mind and can always take me out of the darkest of places..

For some reason..
I don't know..
maybe it's because in my home,
 I live in a man's world...
 I think I am in LOVE with pink...
what better way to honor pink??
With the most decadently delicious of all birds..

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

1. Heidi Tulip Maxi Dress at Piperlime 2. Flamingo Plate at Lou Rota
3. Thibaut Flamingo Bay Wallpaper 4. Flamingo Printed Clutch at Browns
5. Flamingo by Abigail Brown  6. Handmade Knitted Baby Hat, Tail and Booties Set at Bouf
7. Flamingo Photograph by Sharon Montrose 8. Jack Rogers Vachetta at Piperlime
9. Flamenco Serving Platter at Zara Home  10. Coral Small Marine Tumbler at Zara Home 
11. Flamingo Mingle by Nancy Ramirez at Imagekind 12. Hooked Wool Flamingo Pillow at Newport Nautical Decor

So watch out Wesson men..
The times they are a changing...
Pink is on it's way....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

a little glitter to start your week....

Apparently there is an ice storm heading our way and schools have already issued an early dismissal..
So maybe some Doloris Petunia's ice will make it just that much better...
I don't know about you but I prefer peony pink ice to black....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Mr. Foxy Loxy up there is looking exactly like how I felt yesterday...

Last night with the wind chill it was a balmy -3 degrees...
My friends..
that is Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and the North Pole kinda weather..

It was so cold that the Tall One wore socks to bed...
(apparently hell froze over)
It was so cold that the radiant floor heating kicked in..
(much to the Tall One's chagrin)
It was so cold I didn't even leave the house...

If I didn't have that darn Raynaud's I probably wouldn't be such a complainer...
I can promise you that you won't EVER hear me complain in the summer...
The hotter the better I say..

there is light at the end of the tunnel..
The temp is now up to a scalding 22 degrees..
Mr. C thinks radiant flooring is better than catnip...
I have drank enough green tea to be disease free the rest of my life..
My fingers have warmed up enough to start working on 3 lovely ladies re-branding..
I can go outside as long as I can find a hat like this...
It's the Weekend!!

Be Safe, Invest in Radiant Flooring and Have a Great Weekend!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Typeface...Scrub-a-dub-dub...

Isn't it true what they say...
That all great thinking happens in the shower..
Maybe this ABC Shower Curtain from Pottery Barn Kids will inspire those Little Monsters..
It will definitely inspire Moms and Dads as it just so happens to be on sale!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

a little glitter to start your week...

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Yesterday was a gift.
We were granted a 50 degree day right smack dab in the middle of January.
My 3 boys and I headed to Napatree Beach in Rhode Island to take a hike, explore, find treasures and watch the glitter dance on top of the water.

As I watched the Monster and his brother (with a tail) bound ahead on the secluded beach, I was reminded of how truly lucky we are..

Lucky that we get to live by the water..
Lucky that we have each other..
Lucky that the Monster gets to grow up in a world where he knows 
no such difference in race, creed, color or sex.
Lucky that color only adds beauty to this world..
Lucky that girls and Moms can be AND do anything..

It may be 45 years since the passing of Martin Luther King
I see change..
I see it in the Monster's eyes..
I see it in the way he is with others..

So I thank you Dr. King...
Just so you know...
You are the glitter that dances on the water
allowing beauty and love to enter our hearts..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

I know it may seem a little strange but I have Valentines Day on the brain...

I always seem to rush the Monster's Valentines creations so this year I am definitely getting a head start!

I swear..the older he gets..the harder it becomes..
and let's not forget that this is for a boy....
so many many restrictions..

This may be my last year as next year we will be heading into Middle School 
Are Valentines EVEN cool in Middle School?

Speaking of LOVE..
Thank you to Mandy at the Fabric Paper Glue Blog
who gave us a little LOVE for our Emerald post!!

Be Safe, Stay Warm and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amarylis...To Force or Not to Force...

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Every Chistmas my parents lovingly bring us an Amaryllis plant. 
Watching it emerge every day from stalk to flower has been shear delight for the Monster and I.

Back in November, Terrain had written an AMAZING post about forced bulb wreaths using Amaryllis bulbs.

Well, apparently I tucked that post away until I realized that this is the perfect time of year to create them.

Don't toss away those lovely branch wreaths from the holidays...

Re-use them!!
All images from Terrain

It's rather simple really...
Purchase some high quality bulbs like the ones at White Flower Farm
Follow the directions on Terrain's post
in 4-6 weeks you'll have some blooms to chase the Winter blues away!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

a little glitter to start your week....

If I was a bride....
or perhaps going to the Oscars..
I would definitely be wearing one of these lovelies...

In my opinion..
It seemed as though there was a lack of bling at the Globes this year...
Maybe this Isadora Gown from BHLDN would be just right...
 Fall 2013 Golden Lights Gown at SARAH SEVEN
Spring 2013 Goldie at SARAH SEVEN

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Bet you weren't expecting to see some Christmas stockings....
Ours and our tree are still up and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my parents so that we may have our 2nd Christmas...
I'll tell you...
That is one lucky Monster...
2 sets of Grandparents and 2 Christmases all to himself...
I can promise you that the tree will be down even before we leave the room as the Tall One has been getting quite nervous and has been making his rounds checking to see if anyone has dared turned the lights on...
Sometimes...just sometimes..
I turn them on for a few minutes...
It's almost as fun as putting the dishware in "wrong" in the dishwasher...
Isn't that what keeps us all on our toes?
Be Safe, Lovingly Tease Your Loved Ones and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Image via Twigs & Honey

Whats the hub-bub Bub? It's only a color you say...
Well every year those sneaky little folks over at Pantone have the ability to change our world with just one simple pick of a color...
It may mean nothing now but by the end of the year you will be seeing it ALL over the place...
So let's welcome Pantone #17-5641 color of the year 2013

When you mix Emerald with the rest of the color wheel and a little bling...
you have perfection...

 Pelican: Philip Crangi on The Coveteur      Bouquet:Lisa Lefkowitz on Style Me Pretty
Girl with hat:          Necklace: Tamar Keny on Etsy

 Earrings: Vagabond Earrings at Anthropologie          Room 1: Gold and Gray
Room 2:    Sally Wheat Interiors    Lilies: Hans-Peter Feldman 

 Ring: Seaglass Ring at Trina Turk     Sequin Dress: Stylecaster
Girl with Bangles: Robin Alfian     Dresser: Hutton Wilkinson

Shoe: Susan Stripling          Earrings:Noetic Daybreak Earrings at Anthropologie
Dresser: Young House Love           Rings: Golden Means

 Necklace: Layered Bungee Necklace at Anthropologie 
Lace Pants: weheartit
Girl with Blazer:DSquared2

Dresser: The Hunted Interior

 Marilyn Monroe: Baron Sterling Henry Nahum          Girl walking: Vanessa Jackman
Necklace: Cadron Creek Necklace at Anthropologie           Book: Sadie Jones

 Oranges:  Roland Bello     Necklace: Verdura Segment Necklace at Anthropologie

Door: Steve H on Flickr               Orange Lips: Leyla Martian
 Red table: Alessandro Pasinelli       Earrings: Seascapesri on Etsy
Shoes: Elizabeth Messina                     Girl with Umbrella: Jan Welters

Earth Tones 
Dress: Caught The Light     Necklace: Sea Shingle Necklace at Anthropologie
Boat: Alexander von Humboldt I Ship      Couch: Charm Home Design

Water & Sky Tones
 Dress: Nick Dorey          Streamers: Robert Sukrachand on Design Sponge
Earrings: Mint Chill Earrings at Anthropologie              Bed: Russell Smith

 Scarlett Johnasson: Glamour France     Top: Catherine Malandrino at The Outnet
Earrings: 5 Statement Drop Earrings at Calypso    Dresser: Room-Polish

Green Tones
Necklace: Glass Cache Necklace at Anthropologie        Desk: Anastasios Menti
 Paper Poms: Bhldn       Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier SS10 at

So how are you going to incorporate Emerald into your life?
Baubles, home decor, clothing or maybe even a pair of fabulous shoes...
Whatever the case may be..
It will definitely be making its way into our lives..