Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone
Happy Chinese New Year!!

It's the Year of the Wood Horse my friends...
We've got one goat and two roosters living in our house so I am hoping that the Wood Horse sends this barnyard..
 Peace, Health, Love and Luck our way..
Check out the The Feng Shui Society  
see what the year has in store for you...

So far my day started out perfectly perfect!
I found a lucky penny on the streets of Providence...
Had my Mane tamed...
Collaborated with the Lovely and Oh so Talented Miss Sarah Crawford of Valentine on her Year of the Horseface post!
So Giddy Up and go CHECK OUT her Glorious Goods on

That beautiful lady continues to inspire, challenge and push my creative mind...
So in honor of her...
A little shopping for you!!
 1. Mare and Mane Bookends at Lulu and Georgia
2. Emily Elizabeth Horseshoe Bangle at Max and Chloe
3. Cast Iron Horse Doorbell at One King's Lane
4. Red Roses and Dark Roses art print by Janet Hill on Etsy
5. Vintage Gold Horse Highball Glasses at PherdsFinds on Etsy
6. Equestrian Bit Belt at Ralph Lauren
7. Giddy Up Wood Sign at Dustin Shelves on Etsy

1. Thomas Paul Horse Pouch at Lulu and Georgia
2. Misty of Chincoteague 1st Edition at Amazon
3. Horse Photograph by Eye Poetry Photography on Etsy
4. Betsey Johnson Rocking Horse Earrings at Macys
5. Vintage French Horse Head Bottle Opener at Time Trip & Co on Etsy
6. Equine Markings Dishtowel at Anthropologie
1. Gucci Horse Print Scarf at
2. Horse Hoof Shot Glass at Lulu and Georgia
3. Enamel Horse Bangle at Designs by Stephanie
4. Horse with Flowers Glass at Tord Boontje
5. Horse Shoe Bottle Opener at Barneys
6. Tiny Pony art print by Claire Elsaesser at Etsy
7. Horse Head Bottle Opener at Amazon
8. Mare Jar at Lulu and Georgia
9. Horse Sunglass Case at Jonathan Adler
 Be Safe, Giddy Up and Have a Great Weekend!!!
ALL 4 boards created by Chocolate Creative Design

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vogue it..

Ohh Mr. Bowles..
You are so wonderfully dashing..
I have been going through all of my magazines(at least 1,000 Vogues) and
sadly I know each and every one of those poses..
Miss Lena..
Any woman is a fool if they don't think that we all have a little bit of you in every one of us..

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Typeface...Sticky Fingers...

It's ALL Russian to me..
But I think it reads universally to every single mom...
Russian Lego & Gum Alphabet created by Anna Che

Monday, January 27, 2014

a little glitter to start your week...

Image by MarĂ­a de Miguel for Elle Decor Espana

ANYONE who has lived with me knows that I am a hoarder...
of magazines..
But since I am sticking true to my New Year's resolutions..
they must go...
Not all..
my god.. that would send me into shock..
over these past few brutally cold weeks,
I have said goodbye to some very very dear friends..
for the lucky remaining few..
I need something
a little glittery
a little golden
honor and contain my lovely ladies..
1.Vintage Brass Bamboo Magazine Rack $49.99 on Ebay
2. Vintage Studded Brass Magazine Bin $49.99 at PINKDANDYSHOP on Etsy
3. Vintage Brass Folding Magazine Rack $145.00 at RetroSpecList on Etsy
4. Leaf Lattice Magazine Bin $69.00 at One King's Lane (sale ends at noon)
5. Metal Magazine Holder $99.00 at Wisteria
6. Faux leather Storage Tote $29.99 at Target
7. Vintage Glass & Brass Magazine Holder $138.99 at rdeanlee on Etsy
8. Vintage Basket Magazine Holder $20.00 at A@ndlifeVintage on Etsy
9. Vintage Regency Brass Magazine Rack $95.00 at GreenZebre on Etsy
10. Vintage Brass Shopping Bag Magazine Rack $150.00 on Ebay
11. Greek Key Magazine Bin $85.00 at Jayes
12. Sequin Straw Bag $42.95 at MOOSHOP on Etsy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

a little glitter to start your week...

Little Narragansett Bay
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Even though the air was so cold that it seemed to take our breaths away on our annual Martin Luther King Jr. holiday walk...
the sea was alive and glittering as the light danced through the spotted clouds above....

We humans are much like the sea...
moving forward..
constantly changing through ebbs & tides..
We are making those craggy rocks smooth to the touch..
slowly but surely eliminating sharp angles..
never dulling the colors..
but rather exposing their beauty that lies within..

We are lucky. 
We now ALL have the ability to have dreams,
share them
make them happen...

As I watched Mr. G bound and leap o'er the fields and head towards the craggy rocks to look out over the sea..
I was reminded of a dream that I have..
A dream that the other mammals that share our earth with us..
may one day share
in respect...
in justice...
in freedom...

Who knows..
Dreams are known to come true...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Mac Scott

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Mid January...
The holiday decorations have been packed into boxes and carefully placed into the attic for another year.
The ground becomes frozen, cold and uncomfortable to the foot.
The landscape becomes brown, bare and void of color.
We catch up on sleep from the exhaustion of a month of merriment.
Full of hope and energy, we try to honor our New Year's resolutions.
 We begin again.

There is an eerie silence to it..
Perhaps a bit of Melancholy?

I disappeared this week from my beloved blog...
I needed to get my chickens in a row...
Get a head start on some wonderfully fun and creative projects that will keep me busy through the Spring..

But I am here..
Ready to begin again....

The Tall One received a rather fabulous gift this year..
a GoPro...
Meant for his adventures with the Monster via bike, boat or 
It was only fitting that it's first use was of his boys in the first snow of a brand NEW year..

It's not perfect or fabulously edited..
It's real...
So for the Monster's school blog..
I put together a little something...
Something that may bring a little joy to your day...
Something that may make you feel young again...
Something that may make you realize how wonderfully free we all are..

Griffin's First snow from lucinda wesson on Vimeo.
Film: The Tall One
Music: Lovely Day by Bill Withers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Typeface..Ice it....

Ice Type
What do you get when you cross ice and Typographer extraordinaire, Craig Ward?
Magic..Pure Magic!!

Dentyne Ice Type from Daniel Edelman on Vimeo.


Monday, January 6, 2014

a little glitter to start your week....

Kate Spade Get out of Town Bon Shopper & The Gold Set Luggage Tag & Passport Holder at Arrive Chic

Dear Santa,
Here's what I'm thinking....Next year, the Wesson Family flies South for the winter. I do know that you can find us anywhere we go and palm trees definitely make perfect stocking hangers.  We did receive a major reprieve today as it was in the tropical 50's but lately it's been in the double minuses. One would think that all those cookies, cakes, cheeses, chocolates and more cheeses(which added an extra layer to my physique)would help...but suffice it to hasn't done a darn thing. I know it's possible as you are THE biggest purveyor of glitter and magical things. In the meantime, I'll just let my imagination take me away...
to blue seas and golden sunsets...
To Sequins, Stripes and Snakeskin...

Your EVER Faithful Believer,

P.S. Thank you for the the electric blanket. It arrived today..
Just in time for the cold snap tonight.

1. Jeweled Stripe Top at J.Crew
2. Sequin Skirt at New York and Company
3. Gilded Paillettes Tote at Anthropologie
4. Achillea Necklace at Calypso
5. Miller Stripe Snakeskin Sandal at Tory Burch
6. MOSCHINO CHEAPandCHIC Sequin Pants at Yoox
7. Sequined-Front Crepe Tank at Old Navy

1. Bow to Stern Scarf at Modcloth
2. Izabel Mini Wedges at Anthropologie
3. Sorrel Snakeskin Stripe Shorts at Tory Burch
4. Line & Dot Sequin Blouse at Piperlime
5. Striped & Sequined Weekender Bag at Anthropologie
6. BCBG Elodie Lace & Sequin Wave Skirt at 6PM
7. Sequin Stripe String Bikini at Victoria's Secret

1. Alice + Olivia Cady Cuff Metallic Shorts at ShopBop
2. Seri Sequin Encrusted Maxi Dress at Calypso
3. Sundance Fedora at Anthropologie
4. Sperry Topsider Sequin Striped one piece
5. Carolyn Stripe Wedge Sandal at Tory Burch
6. Kate Spade Port Sequinned Stripe Scarf at Neiman Marcus
7. Baggu Bag at West Elm

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A long winter's nap....

Image by Carl Bengtsson for Selvedge Magazine

Baby it's cold outside!!!
It's looking like Hercules is heading right in our direction...
Apparently, he is chock full of snow and icy winds.
Time to stock up on fire wood, batteries and  snacks!

I wish I could say that I was decked from head to toe in glitter this holiday season but sadly this year, it was my house that got the star treatment..

Luckily for me, I have been comfy, cozy and fully enjoying warm hearted Christmas gifts that were bestowed upon me.

Looks like I have been prepared for Hercules all along...

A gift from my Parents..
(Someone must have been reading my gift guides!!)
My favorite candle of ALL scent and in design....
She now comes in gold(even better!!)
A yummy tropical scent that is perfect when watching Hawaii Life .
Capri Blue Candle in a Jar(Volcano)at Anthropologie

A gift to Myself...
They may not be sexy but when living in an old, drafty house..
Every bit of warmth counts!!
Who knew that Target would make THE best flannel jammies  EVER!!
Scoop them up before they are ALL gone..I did!!
Gillian & O'Malley Women's Flannel Sleep Set at Target

A gift for my Toes..
Having Raynaud's Disease it a real drag..
But these AMAZINGLY soft socks make my toes happy!
All-Pro Women's 3 Pack MaxSpun Ankle Athletic Socks at Target

A gift from Auntie Egg..
Auntie Egg always knows the right remedies..
Need to sleep or relax...
This tea has it ALL!!
Celestial Seasons Herb Teas in Sleepytime

A gift from my Boys..
My boys know me ALL too well..
To keep this furnace warm during the winter months..
I flip flop between tea and coffee on a daily basis..
Perfect size, hefty and with the letter L on it..
Hands OFF!!
Monogram Mug at Anthropologie

A gift to our Family..
BEST gift of 2013.
A clown, a heart of gold, full of love, pure naughtiness and THE best snuggler/foot warmer EVER..
Mr. G was THE perfect gift for a family that desperately needed healing..
We will be forever grateful.
Mr. G was adopted at The Simon Foundation