Thursday, June 28, 2012

Everyone's a Star....

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Apparently the Sneakerpalooza was a hit
it was the Lovely Miss G's rockin shoes that literally stole the show!

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Converse fan... 
and since Miss G has inspired me with her tippy toes, I decided to do a little window shopping..
What I found was..
 some great new kicks in an overwhelmingly gorgeous assortment of colors..

and last but not least..
The coveted designer collection

I think the Tall One needs to build me a bigger closet...
Which one would you choose?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Typeface.....Freeze....

I have seen A LOT of these moves at the Island before..
Breakdance Alphabet created by Olena Mashinska

Images by Katie Slater for Carla Ten Eyck

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lace it up....

It's official...
We are actually having a mini heat wave here in the Northeast..
Who would have thunk it would be right smack dab in the middle of June!!
You know it's really hot when the Tall One has "allowed" me to turn on the a.c.

That being so.....
When I saw this gorgeously fabulous gown from the 2013 Resort Collection of Monique Lhuillier.
my heart and soul were on FIRE!!
It is simply to die for...
Can you EVEN imagine owning this gown?!!
If there was ever a dress that could sum me up..this would be it!!
Vintage, modern, handmade, textural, classically cut and wonderfully colorful!

 A girl can dream..

But maybe..just maybe...
I might just find a little lacey number to soothe the soul..
Sunblaze Lace Skirt at Anthropologie

 Laila Lace Shorts at Calypso

Sunblaze Lace Dress at Anthropologie

 Luckily this Sass & Bide has sold out at Net-A-Porter

Are you brave enough to go ALL orange
are you a pop of color kinda gal?

BCBG Beti Lace dress and Kelly & Kate Quench Sandal

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Card found via Blackbird Letterpress

Happy Father's Day!!!

There are so many different types of Fathers out there...
There are the adventurers, protectors, providers, supporters, coaches, stay at homers, comedians and definitely 

The Tall one is on his way home from a shark fishing expedition so I guess he must be put into the adventurer category..
He is ALWAYS bringing the Monster on fishing, biking, and hiking adventures..
They are my very own Lewis & Clark.

My Father is in the supporter category. He is my consummate cheerleader, always there to cheer me on..reading my blog EVERY day, following my adventures and always there to tell me how proud he is of me..
 each and EVERY day!!

The best part is..even though each Father may fall into one category...if you are lucky enough...
You just might realize that Grandfathers & Fathers TOGETHER make for one great Dad!

So this one's for you..all you Fathers & Grandfathers,

Thank you for supporting us, protecting us, loving us and for including us in your wonderful and crazy adventures!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

What a wonderfully crazy busy exciting week it has been!!
So much to celebrate...
So many birthdays, anniversaries, last school days, weddings, graduations and Father's Day...
So hip-hip hooray to you all!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

You know that it's almost officially Summer when Little League Baseball Season comes to an end...
These "Bad News Bears" did an amazing job..
Just maybe next year we can work on getting orange as their new team color...

Speaking of orange..there seemed to be a lot of it this week on the blog...
Well...I'm just getting you peeps used to it as my lovely lady orange will be soon making an appearance in the new Chocolate Creative Branding...

Be Safe, Call Your Dad and Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now We Are 9.....

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Now we are 9...
The tooth fairy finally came and you hit the jackpot with 8 teeth. You can read, write,add,subtract and multiply. You can rest your head comfortably standing just under my chin. You had the BEST teacher EVER who gave you confidence, showed you laughter and instilled a passion for learning. Your jeans are the same length as mine. You can breakdance with the best of them, you have the most gorgeous pitch (in baseball) I have EVER seen and you are truly one AMAZING artist!

But you still hold my hand(except sometimes in certain places), pick flowers for me, run/skip during ANY organized sport,laugh with me for hours and tell me that you love me everyday!

So I guess...
That is why 9 is so wonderfully fine...
because you are still mine..

Happy Birthday my sweet Monster... 
the one with the sensitive empathetic heart the mischievous smile, the wonderfully crazy haired mop top and those sparkly eyes which simply light up a room..

I love you like no other...

Now let's get some rockin kicks and get this Sneakerpalooza started!!!
(with chocolate cake of course)

Lost Love Found Again...

 Dear J. Crew,
Even though our relationship started out strong in 1989, I feel as though that in the last couple of years we have simply drifted apart. Was it lack of commitment, boredom or just growing pains? Whatever the case may be, when I received your package in the mail I was absolutely elated and really felt as though you were finally listening to me.
I guess one could say that
you simply had me at hello.

I look forward to our travels to Bali and have already picked out my ensemble as seen below. 

I really hope that we can make it work this time.

All my Love and Admiration, 

(p.s. Even though this may put me in debt, I am happy to work overtime so that I can continue to add to the  Bali trip's suitcase)
all images by J.Crew

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get those Wagons Rolling...

Since today is officially the last day of school...
it brings me back, way way back, to when my parents packed us to the gills in the Ford Country Squire and headed off on our summer adventures...
I wrote a post awhile back (here) on my lament for the good ole days BUT
when I found this AMAZING letterpress diy Station Wagon, (and in my most favorite of colors!)
my heart simply skipped a beat!

Created by one of my most favorite group of artists at 
Blackbird Letterpressyou too can rejoice in the good ole days of rolling around in sleeping bags and watching the stars while your parents drove through the countryside.

Chocolate Therapy #84

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

This one's for you Kiddo...
on the eve of a very very big day...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012